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    IoT remote monitoring: manage your devices from anywhere

    Your customers count on you to keep their IoT devices connected and secure. An undetected connection failure could disrupt an entire factory’s operations, cause problems with life-saving equipment, or lose a critical asset. Unauthorized access could put valuable data at risk and make other network systems vulnerable. And if a device (or an entire deployment) is using more data than it should, you need to know right away—so you can troubleshoot the problem before it shows up on billing.

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    IoT remote monitoring helps you recognize connectivity-related issues quickly, so you can get devices operational, deactivate or disable them, or restrict their data consumption. But without the right tools, your support team is in the dark, and your customers are out of luck.

    EMnify equips your team to securely manage, track, control, and troubleshoot your IoT devices from anywhere in the world. Here’s how.

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    Empower your team with remote access

    When your devices are deployed across the globe, you can’t send a technician on site every time there’s a problem. EMnify’s IoT communication platform enables your team to establish remote connections to every device—so you can always be there for your customers, no matter where they are.

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    Track your devices anywhere in the world

    Any time there’s a connection problem, you want to pinpoint where it’s happening geographically. Without location tracking, you can’t tell if your customers are experiencing a location-specific issue. EMnify’s IoT connectivity dashboard lets you track every device at the network and cell level, so you can identify and troubleshoot location-related problems.

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    Monitor network activity

    Over time, your deployments and individual devices develop natural data usage patterns based on how they’re used and where they operate. When you have thousands of devices in the field, it’s important to monitor these patterns so that you can identify anomalies. EMnify does this for you, helping your team detect the specific device or deployment with abnormal data usage. You can even receive alerts for when a device reaches its data limit. (Here’s how to set that up.)

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    Control your devices from afar

    You don’t just want to monitor your IoT devices remotely. You want to detect issues quickly so you can resolve them fast. EMnify lets you connect to each device and control its connectivity. You can manually disable connections, set connectivity limits, block providers, and troubleshoot your devices. With our intuitive API, you can integrate this functionality with your other systems and even automate functions using triggers. 

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    Keep your connections secure

    Security is a crucial component of any IoT business. Your team needs to access your devices remotely, but you can’t risk compromising your connectivity. When you need remote access to a device, EMnify provides private static IP addresses free of charge. Each IoT SIM card will obtain a separate private IP address without the need to set up or pay for a private APN. Using OpenVPN and IPSec, you can create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that prevents unauthorized access while letting your team troubleshoot your devices.

    Get connected with EMnify

    You want your IoT devices to work wherever you deploy them. EMnify’s global IoT SIM cards can connect to more than 540 networks in over 190 countries. Our cloud communication platform also gives you the tools to monitor and access your devices remotely.

    Sign up for a free test kit, and we’ll send you one of our SIM cards preloaded with data and 60 days of complete access to our connectivity platform, including our remote IoT monitoring capabilities. Schedule a demo, and one of our experts will give you a guided tour.

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