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    Mar, 29 2021

    EMnify Brings Cloud-Native IoT Connectivity to 20 AWS Regions

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    • Berlin-based IoT communication platform provider EMnify today announces the launch of its Cloud Connect service in 20 AWS Regions worldwide. 
    • Enterprises building IoT applications on AWS can establish a secure private network with their devices using the AWS Management Console, EMnify platform and EMnify SIM.

    BERLINMarch 29, 2021 – A leading cloud communication platform provider for IoT, EMnifytoday announces the launch of its Cloud Connect service in 20 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Regions worldwideAs an AWS Partner in the AWS Partner Network with AWS IoT Competency, EMnify integrates edge devices into the cloudso enterprises can operate and secure any number of devices. 

    Using AWS Transit Gateway, EMnify Cloud Connect establishes an intra-cloud connection between IoT devices and application and services running on AWSallowing two-way device communication to take place without being exposed to the public Internet.  

    With this launch, EMnify simplifies secure private networking of cellular-connected devices for AWS users worldwide, addressing two common challenges faced in IoT today:

    1. SecurityTransmitting data using the public Internet exposes devices to serious threats, especially when end-to-end encryption is missing.
    1. Remote accessDue to carrier-grade network address translation (CGNAT), devices are not reachable from the application, making remote access and on-demand data transfer to the device challenging. 

    The Cloud Connect setup only takes a few minutes using the AWS Management Console and extends the AWS virtual private cloud (VPC) transparently with a virtual private mobile network spanning over radio networks globallyUsing only private IP addresses, device data is then encrypted and transmitted from the mobile network over the AWS Global Backbone to the respective enterprise Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) region. 

    Martin GiessCTO and Founder, EMnify comments: As a security-first provider, we know security needs to be transparent, simple and automated. The availability of Cloud Connect in all AWS regions is a major step forward in our vision for a secure access service edge architecture (SASE) for IoT. 

    Darragh O’Flanagan, Senior Partner Solutions Architect ISV EMEA, AWS comments: “The AWS Transit Gateway is a managed service for connecting off-cloud and on cloud resources. Utilizing AWS transit gateway with EMnify Cloud Connect also for IoT devices makes it much easier for developers to establish a reliable private network with their VPC compared to traditional approaches.”  

    ev.energy, an EMnify customerprovides a smarter, cheaper and greener charging solution for electric vehicle owners to optimize charge schedules based on their energy tariffs and the energy grid capacity. ev.energy uses the EMnify IoT SIMs and platform to securely connect EV chargers of multiple vendors to their application on AWS. 

    Chris Darby, CTO of ev.energy explains: EMnify is a great partner because we can connect chargers no matter where they are in the world. The platform is much easier to integrate using Cloud Connect via AWS Transit Gateway – so we can securely send commands to the charging unitsWe’ve tried other options beforelike redundant IPsec tunnels with BGPbut this presents a whole raft of other challenges and complexity. EMnify provides us with a seamless solution, that ensures security for our customers.  

    The EMnify Cloud Connect service is available in all commercial AWS Regions that support AWS Transit Gateway inter-region peering – more information on https://aws.amazon.com/transit-gateway/faqs/ 

    Enterprises who want to test the Cloud Connect service can sign up on emnify.com and get a free evaluation kit including three EMnify SIM cards. 

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    About EMnify 
    EMnify is the leading cloud communication platform provider for IoT that enables businesses with high growth IoT products to scale across networks worldwide with a single API. EMnify is solely dedicated to IoT – unlike traditional CPaaS vendors. Its disruptive solution and customer-centric approach are made possible by a team of international experts that support thousands of companies in more than 70 countries.  

    Founded in 2014 by forward-thinking telecommunications experts Frank Stöcker, Martin Giess and Alexander Schebler, EMnify revolutionized the industry through its cloud-native service, enabling secure IoT connectivity globally – addressing one of the main issues regarding the IoT sector. To learn more about EMnify, please visit www.emnify.com 

    About ev.energy  
    ev.energy’s mission is simple: to make ev ownership easier, greener, cheaper and smarter for the end user. Through award-winning software, ev.energy’s technology automatically manages vehicle charging that optimizes for greener and cheaper rates, all while allowing the user to earn rewards for their smart charging. Operating in Europe, US and Australia, ev.energy offers a freely downloadable app that integrates with a growing list of popular home chargers, Tesla, Volkswagen vehicles and other vehicles such as Jaguar, currently in beta testing. For more information on ev.energy and its services, please visit ev.energy. 

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