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    Cloud Connect

    Cellular IoT Security Made Easy

    Protect two-way cellular IoT communication within a virtual private network dedicated to your devices and application with EMnify's Cloud Connect.

    Eliminate all attack surface that comes with the public Internet

    Secure all data paths against traffic sniffing and rerouting. With EMnify’s Cloud Connectyour devices and applications communicate within a closed, private networking environment to ensure your data integrity and confidentiality. 

    By eliminating the use of public IP addresses, Cloud Connect helps you better protect your application infrastructure against Internet-based attacks like DDoS while giving you the possibility to remotely access the devices. 

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    Intra-Cloud Connect

    For IoT solutions deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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    Managed IPsec

    For other cloud applications and on-premises systems

    “The EMnify platform and Cloud Connect service help us guarantee charging security at all times and remove the requirement to deploy and manage an in-house IT security infrastructure. This saves us significant operational costs.”

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    Federico Rivelli

    Project Manager, Enerhub

    "The EMnify platform is easy to integrate with using Cloud Connect via AWS Transit Gateway. We’ve tried other options before (like redundant IPsec tunnels with BGP) but this presents a whole raft of other challenges and complexity."

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    Chris Darby

    CTO, ev.energy
    EMnify Intra-Cloud Connect
    Intra-Cloud Connect

    A private network within AWS

    The EMnify platform is deployed on AWS, allowing you to create a fast and secure direct peering link to your VPC / EC2 instances via the AWS Transit Gateway (TGW) with Intra-Cloud Connect.

    Set up Intra-Cloud Connect in a matter of minutes - without any public IP addresses, NAT or BGP configuration. Your devices' private IP addresses then become routable within your VPC to enable secure data transport.


    Configure Intra-Cloud Connect in your AWS region of choice

    EMnify AWS Cloud Regions

    As a managed AWS service for connecting on-cloud and off-cloud resources, Transit Gateway brings high service reliability and scalability.

    Using inter-region TGW peering, Intra-Cloud Connect lets you easily integrate the EMnify platform with your VPC in 20 AWS regions worldwide.

    EMnify AWS Cloud Regions

    Why choose Intra-Cloud Connect?

    • IoT security

      Device traffic stays within the AWS environment and does not traverse the public Internet to prevent attacks like common exploits and DDOS.

    • Automated setup TGW attachments can be configured in just three minutes using the EMnify Portal and AWS Management Console.
    • Remote access On-demand remote device access is made available from AWS infrastructure via telnet/SSH.
    • Secure DNS Conveniently set up Amazon Route 53 as your private DNS server for secure IP address resolution.
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    Managed IPsec

    Simplified VPN connections to your virtual machines

    With EMnify’s fully managed IPsec service, you can establish a private network between your devices and virtual machines in Azure, Google Cloud, any other public or private cloud and on-premises systems.

    Redundant VPN tunnels are created between the EMnify platform and your infrastructure to secure all data paths to and from your application.

    Why choose EMnify's managed IPsec?

    • Private network Data transport is encrypted on the network level, adding a robust security layer that is offloaded from the devices.
    • Simplified setup Configuring VPN connections takes only three minutes using the EMnify portal without the need for private APNs. 
    • High reliability Redundant VPN tunnels to different cloud availability zones provide failover and enhance service reliability.
    • Secure DNS Set up the private DNS service of your cloud provider for secure IP address resolution.

    Try Cloud Connect for 60 days. No strings attached.