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EMnify launches Trusted Service Manager function for advanced eUICC management | EMnify

EMtrust: Launched off the back of the proven success of EMnify’s Virtualized Core Network platform

MWC16 booth Hall 7 Stand 7L51 | Berlin | February 23, 2016: EMnify, the Berlin-based SaaS and IaaS platform for global cellular M2M and IoT connectivity, has launched its Trusted Service Manager function, EMtrust. Available immediately, EMtrust is charged with the secure provisioning and management of eUICC SIMs; specially designed to address integration issues when switching Mobile Network Operators (MNO).


The Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC) is dubbed an evolution in SIM technology. It enables Over-The-Air provisioning, allowing enterprises and manufacturers to switch MNOs without physically changing the SIM.


However, according to EMnify CEO and co-founder Frank Stöcker, it is when switching MNOs where limitations of an eUICC can arise.


“There’s no denying that the eUICC is a significant evolution in SIM technology. The advancements it’s made in allowing business to truly manage connectivity remotely is an incredibly important development for GSM connectivity,” Stöcker says.


“The issue though that many OEMs and enterprises overlook when enabling devices with eUICC’s, is the actual process of changing MNOs. While not having to physically replace the SIM saves invaluable time and money, there are multiple dependencies to be resolved for a successful provider change.”


Typically, an active eUICC profile with a standard provider is configured to work with a specific operator’s infrastructure. Therefore, when a business switches MNOs the entire network profile and backend systems are changed, in addition to the service contract.


“When you change your MNO, your service profile is no longer supported in the same way. You are required to backtrack entirely to the initial implementation stage” Stöcker says.


“This means changing everything from the way the device connects to the internet – including VPN’s and APN’s – to the phone numbers and IP addresses connected to the devices, to your security and policy profiles and enforcement. Businesses must adapt their systems and rules to fit the new MNO’s infrastructure; and beyond the integration phase, they also need to consider reeducation programs to familiarize staff and customers with the new management tools and APIs.


“We realized that while the eUICC solved the hassle of physically replacing the SIM, it still didn’t change the hassle of adapting your entire connectivity management system and the need to reintegration your IT infrastructure and systems,” Stöcker says.


EMnify’s VCN (EMcore), together with EMtrust, directly addresses these challenges. The solution provides an abstracted layer where enterprises create a service profile for deploying and managing the connectivity of devices globally.


The service profile and defined rules and controls are created and maintained independently of the MNO integrations and limitations. This means when the MNO is changed, there is no impact on the already established applications and systems.


The result is one implementation on a unified core network for global connectivity, regardless of the MNO. In fact, the only change OEMs or enterprises experience when switching MNOs is the change in service contract, which EMnify can also manage.


“The idea was to simplify the complexities of managing eUICC SIMs, and the associated challenges beyond changing your MNO,” Stöcker says.


“We wanted to provide a platform where businesses could manage all aspects of their connectivity: one SIM, one configuration, with the freedom of choice to roam or use a local profile. And we’re incredibly proud of the resulting solution.”


EMtrust is available immediately; it meets GSMA embedded SIM compliancy standards and is compatible with all major SIM card vendors.


EMnify will be exhibiting EMtrust and its complete connectivity solution at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, February 22 – 25. Attendees will be able to and learn more about the solution at Booth Hall 7 Stand 7L51.  Book an appointment here.


EMnify will also be exhibiting at CeBIT 2016 in Hannover, March 14 – 18: IoT Pavilion, Stand D80.  Book an appointment here.


About EMnify: EMnify is a next-generation elastic Cloud Service that enables enterprises and OEMs to connect M2M and IoT devices globally throughout the lifecycle of a device. It uses provider-agnostic M2M SIM cards in combination with a custom-built, scalable and globally distributed Evolved Packet Core (EPC). EMnify serves as a Trusted Service Manager (TSM) and fully supports eUICC deployments. It’s RESTful-API and management platform can be fully integrated into existing systems to aid monetization of IoT ventures. EMnify services are provided as SaaS and IaaS, supporting cellular and LPWAN connectivity. www.emnify.com




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