Streamline Your IoT Operations

Maximize Efficiency with
Cloud-Native IoT Integrations

Reinvent your IoT experience with our cloud-native, API-first integrations. With emnify, the path to market isn’t just clear — it’s fast-tracked.


Full connectivity management capabilities


API-driven integration

Simplify your IoT infrastructure management with our advanced APIs, enabling quick, agile deployments that adapt effortlessly to your dynamic application needs.

Automated connectivity with Terraform

Harness the power of Terraform for automated, resilient connectivity setups, freeing you to innovate rather than getting bogged down in repetitive manual tasks.

SIM card identity integration

Elevate your device management with our cutting-edge SIM card identity integration, offering a secure and adaptable solution, especially critical during cloud service transitions.

Revolutionize your connectivity management experience


Streamlined device management

Optimize your operations with our intuitive platform, offering real-time insights into device information and network events, ensuring efficient and proactive device management.

Robust data integration

Leverage integrated IoT data with platforms like AWS Kinesis and DataDog for a comprehensive view of your network operations, enhancing business intelligence and decision-making.

Automated quality assurance

Benefit from our automated quality assurance processes for device provisioning, ensuring reliability and consistency across large-scale deployments, saving time and reducing manual errors.

Grow with the SuperNetwork


Next-gen connectivity readiness

Embrace the future with SuperNetwork's 5G, LPWAN, and emerging satellite technologies, ensuring your IoT solutions are always at the forefront.

Scalable solutions for every business

Whether a small startup or a large enterprise, the SuperNetwork's scalable infrastructure adapts to your growth and evolving needs.

Cost-effective connectivity management

Navigate IoT expenses smartly with the SuperNetwork's flexible pay-as-you-go and bundle options, tailored to optimize your operational costs.

Successful integrations

Join companies like In-Situ who saved hundreds of person-hours with automated billing using our API and Data Streamer.

emnify is way ahead of the game in terms of both technical integration and LTE-M support. Our partnership has been integral to the global success of VuLink.

Matt Trumbo
Senior Product Manager, In-Situ

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