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    Managed IoT Connectivity Platform

    EMnify’s cellular IoT connectivity platform keeps your devices connected and secure wherever you deploy. Our network-agnostic SIMs let your applications connect to more than 540 networks in over 180 countries. We also offer the largest LTE-M coverage on the market. Let's get you connected!


    Understanding IoT connectivity

    IoT connectivity is the ecosystem of technology that enables devices to connect and communicate at scale.

    Whether your devices are mobile, indoors, or outdoors, they depend on network connections to communicate with gateways, routers, servers, applications, and other devices. Traditional connectivity solutions can work for IoT, but they weren’t built with your devices in mind—so you can’t count on a generic solution to provide the right combination of coverage, bandwidth, and power consumption that you need.

    Modern, purpose-built IoT connectivity solutions like EMnify are tailored to the unique needs of IoT providers.

    EMnify coverage map

    Global coverage

    Depending on your application, you may need to deploy in multiple countries, in urban, industrial, or rural environments. Many connectivity solutions have limited range, or require you to build new infrastructure for every deployment. EMnify facilitates IoT connectivity by giving you access to numerous cellular operators. With a single SIM card, your devices get worldwide coverage.

    Antenna IoT

    Signal strength

    IoT devices need to deploy in a wide variety of settings. Yours might operate inside homes, office buildings, or factories. Maybe it’s part of a car, or built into an ambulance. Many connectivity solutions don’t have the signal strength to penetrate walls or keep up with moving vehicles, but cellular networks were built to work everywhere. With cellular IoT, strong signals keep your devices connected wherever they go.

    Device management EMnify

    Scalable bandwidth

    In IoT, you could have thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of devices that need to transmit and receive data. Not all networks have the bandwidth to handle that much traffic, but cellular networks were designed for high volumes of devices. With EMnify’s connectivity platform, you get access to hundreds of cellular networks—so you’ll always have the bandwidth you need.

    EMnify Empowering Your Business

    Low power consumption

    Most IoT devices aren’t plugged into a power source. A single battery usually needs to last for the device’s entire lifespan. So you don’t want a network that drains a lot of power. Specialized networks like LTE-M and NB-IoT use very little power and include power-saving features, enabling your batteries to last 10 years or more.

    IoT connectivity platform with EMnify

    You have plenty of IoT connectivity providers to choose from—here’s why EMnify’s solution is best-in-class.

    EMnify IoT SIM card

    Global IoT SIM cards

    Our specialized IoT SIM cards give your devices out-of-the-box connectivity anywhere in the world. A single SIM lets you connect to over 540 networks in more than 195 countries. Whether you need 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M, or NB-IoT connectivity, one card does it all. They come in all five form factors and commercial or industrial grade materials.

    World icon

    Multi-IMSI + eSIM technology

    When you need to switch your Mobile Network Operator profile, EMnify’s SIMs offer two ways to do it: eSIMs or Multiple International Subscriber Identities (Multi-IMSI). Whether you’re deploying in a new country or your device simply needs to cross borders frequently, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted, stress-free IoT connectivity.

    Signal icon

    Cloud integration

    EMnify’s connectivity management platform is fully cloud native, and it integrates with your cloud service provider. Unlike most cellular solutions, we don’t route your data through a home network—we send it on the shortest path through a regional cloud server. This approach to IoT connectivity ensures your devices send and receive transmissions faster than they would via traditional methods. That means lower latency.

    EMnify SIM card icon

    IoT dashboard

    No matter how many devices and deployments you have, EMnify equips you to manage them all. With our intuitive IoT dashboard, you can explore key device or deployment-specific details like cost, traffic volume, geographic distribution, network type, and more. We make it easy to view both historic and real-time data, so you can discover rich insights and make timely decisions.

    Network security

    Security is a vital component of IoT connectivity. And not all connectivity solutions are equally secure. EMnify gives you and your customers multi-layered protection. Create private networks and encrypt all device communications using EMnify’s Cloud Connect. Block network functions you don’t need. Set limits on SMS and data consumption. Use IMEI locks to prevent SIMs from being used in other devices. Integrate our Data Streamer to detect threats and breaches quickly, so you can remotely disable connections before they cause larger issues.

    "Our products are used globally, in places where Wi-Fi connectivity is not always available or not stable. Now, all of them have connectivity thanks to EMnify's global coverage. EMnify's portal and APIs allow us to easily manage devices and their connectivity, view their status and track our connectivity costs using one web platform. It works great. EMnify is the best experience we've had integrating connectivity management into our services."

    Necdet Alpmen

    Necdet Alpmen

    Co-founder/CTO, Pubinno Inc.

    "EMnify made setting up and managing SIM cards a breeze, letting us control every aspect of provisioning SIMs to equipment directly from a single dashboard. EMnify provides a truly global solution with great pricing value we have been unable to find elsewhere."

    Stefan Thilemann

    Stefan Thilemann

    CTO, Turf Tank

    "We use EMnify's multi-network connectivity for our IoT devices, so we don't have to worry about local operators or geographical borders. EMnify's platform allows us to manage data in an easy, time-saving manner; with important metrics for our business model available at a glance, letting us lead the way in the cybersecurity and AI space."

    Stefan Thilemann

    Eddie Velásquez Ortiz

    CEO, M2M Telecom

    Get connected with EMnify

    Want to see if EMnify’s IoT connectivity solution is a good fit for your business? Sign up for a free test kit, and we’ll give you a SIM card preloaded with full platform access for 60 days and a prepaid data plan.

    IoT connectivity FAQs

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about EMnify’s IoT connectivity solution.

    How do I know which connectivity solution is right for my application?

    Every application has different needs. You might be looking for a highly mobile solution. Or one that uses as little power as possible. Perhaps you need higher data throughput. It all depends on what your devices need to do and where they need to be. To help you think through the options, we’ve created a comparison guide for all the most common IoT connectivity solutions.

    Do I have to manually choose which networks my devices attach to?

    Nope. EMnify automatically selects the local network with the strongest signal, so you’ll always have the connection that’s best for your application.

    Which form factors do EMnify SIM cards come in?

    Our SIM cards come in all form factors, including:

    • 1FF
    • 2FF (mini)
    • 3FF (micro)
    • 4FF (nano)
    • eSIM (embedded)

    What’s the difference between eSIM and Multi-IMSI?

    At first glance, Multi-IMSI and eSIM seem pretty similar. They both enable you to change Mobile Network Operator (MNO) profiles, and either can do so Over-the-Air (OTA), but the way they do that is very different, and they’re each suited for different circumstances. Generally speaking, Multi-IMSI is far more affordable and easier to implement, but it’s not always the best route for switching profiles.

    With an eSIM, your old MNO has to integrate with the new MNO, and you’re essentially ending your relationship with one provider and starting another. This is best when you deploy to certain countries (like Brazil) where permanent roaming isn’t allowed, or if an operator goes out of business.

    With Multi-IMSI, you’re just pausing your relationship with an MNO each time, and there’s no integration involved, so it’s much easier to switch between profiles. This is better for a single device that frequently travels between multiple countries.

    Do EMnify’s SIMs have eUICCs?

    Yes. An Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC) is the technology that enables you to switch MNOs with an eSIM—but since it’s a component of an eSIM, you’ll often hear “eSIM” and “eUICC” used interchangeably. At EMnify, we like to keep things simple. So when we’re talking about the tech that lets you switch operators, we just say eSIM.

    Will EMnify cover me if I need to deploy in new countries?

    Yes! EMnify’s SIMs keep you connected all over the globe. You never need to negotiate with new operators or change SIM cards.

    Does EMnify have 5G coverage? Should I use 5G?

    Yes, EMnify SIMs can connect to 5G networks. But 5G still has pretty limited global coverage. And it’s not the right choice for most IoT applications. Let’s talk about your IoT connectivity needs.

    Can I try EMnify’s IoT connectivity solution before I commit to it?

    Yes. We can send you a free test kit, complete with a working SIM and everything you need to get set up with our portal. You’ll have full access for 60 days. Get yours here.

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