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Global IoT Communication for Your Application on AWS

Connect devices no matter where they are and securely transport data to your AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

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With EMnify IoT SIMs, your devices have immediate access to over 540 carrier networks worldwide. Our communication platform is distributed in multiple regions so you can route data directly to your application server without using the public Internet. 

  • Global network access

    Connect to the best available network over 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M and NB-IoT in over 180 countries. Simplify SIM logistics and get unified tariffs for global coverage with our single SIM solution.

  • Flexible integration options

    Whether you deploy your own IoT stack on AWS EC2 or use managed AWS IoT Core service, we enable easy integration and secure data transport to your application in a matter of minutes.

  • Connectivity management with a single API Gain full network visibility and manage device communication using the EMnify web portal or via REST API to automate business processes and workflows.
Global Cellular Connectivity

Reduce latency and ensure customer data stays local

In traditional roaming scenarios, IoT device data is routed back to the operator’s home country before being sent to your application server. This causes delay and loss of data, high device power consumption, and data compliance issues.

EMnify's platform runs in multiple AWS regions, meaning there is no home network. Data is broken out locally and routed to your closest application server, enabling the deployment of distributed AWS IoT solutions.

Secure Intra-Cloud Connect on AWS

Secure IoT devices within AWS VPC

When IoT data leaves the operator’s network and enters the public internet, it's prone to security threats. Even with end-to-end TLS encryption or IPSec using private APNs, public IP addresses expose a potential attack surface.

EMnify Intra-Cloud Connect creates a private connection between EMnify’s and your VPC - without using the public Internet. Your network traffic is safeguarded against external threats, and you get secure access to remote devices.

Real-time Connectivity Data into AWS

Improve operations and customer support

When using traditional mobile services, connectivity data is often not accessible, leaving your support team in the dark when issues like excessive data consumption, roaming restrictions, or network attachment failures arise.

With EMnify Data Streamer, you not only have access to real-time network insights, but can also integrate this information directly into your S3 buckets or Kinesis Streams. Having all device, connectivity, and application data in one place, operations and support teams can gain better situational awareness to improve troubleshooting and decision-making.

For us, reliability is the most important factor. With using the AWS Cloud and EMnify, we have the certainty that our services are running uninterrupted and reliably, no matter what scale is required.

finn blackbird

Finn Hunneche

CEO, Blackbird

Thanks to EMnify, Urban.io can connect to cellular network providers from all around the world and maintain the best possible signal. The platform provides us with control over connectivity and a high level of data security via EMnify Cloud Connect / Transit Gateway.

Rob Cumming-76-2

Rob Cumming

CEO, Urban.io

We provide IoT connectivity as a wholesale integrator with focus in automotive telematics. Our solution is deployed on AWS and EMnify is a key partner to scale up our business model for our corporate users. We recommend EMnify because they make it quick and efficient to be in control of your device connectivity.

Nanti 1

Esteban Quijano Bonfil

General Manager, Nanti Systems

The integration of EMnify technology provides our solutions with continuous, uninterrupted, and secure connectivity at all times and from anywhere in the world. It also allows utility companies to reliably plan their costs and minimize operating expenses. 

Syrinix logo

Suzy Robb

Marketing Manager, Syrinix

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