Intelligent and connected consumer devices


Connected consumer electronic devices and gadgets are no longer confined to areas with WLAN reception. Thanks to global 2G/3G coverage and integrated SIM cards, consumers can use their connected devices wherever they are. This flexibility inspires and enables manufacturers to design great new products and services that offer features such as localization and data transfer without requiring a fixed internet connection.


Examples of successful M2M and IoT applications for consumers are:

  • Children/pet tracking
  • M2M media distribution
  • Personal navigation devices


Manufacturers and suppliers are facing difficulties and  special requirements when developing consumer applications and devices, including:

  • Mass production of M2M devices
  • Seamless API integration
  • Traffic cost management
  • Policy enforcement

Technological and commercial solutions

Application developers and device manufacturers overcome these challenges easily by running their IoT/M2M applications on an IoT connectivity platform.

M2M SIM Solutions

EMnify offers a range of integrated SIM cards in all M2M grades; these simplify the production process and are far less error-prone than standard SIM cards. They also last longer than standard SIM cards so can support devices with longer life-cycles.

Network-independent Connectivity

EMnify’s SIM cards can connect across more than 540 radio networks in more than 180 countries. This means you benefit from seamless global coverage with a single SIM card, without worrying about connectivity and roaming – all for a fixed price. Additionally, device manufacturers can offer global contract extensions.

Deep Integration via API

When it comes to consumer devices, brand is vital. Therefore, it is important for consumer brands to ensure that the integration of the M2M connectivity and management code is deeply integrated so there is no interruption to the brand experience.


EMnify allows manufacturers of consumer IoT devices to integrate embedded SIMs into their devices, reducing the weight and size of their devices. The EMnify system offers excellent and reliable connectivity globally, as well as APIs for billing and endpoint management.

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