EMnify integrates securely with your IoT stack

We provide more than just connectivity. Our cloud-native platform integrates seamlessly with your cloud provider so you can manage, monitor, and secure device communication at scale.

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Secure data transport with EMnify Cloud Connect

Because our platform is deployed to the cloud, we can secure the data path between your devices and application servers. EMnify Cloud Connect enables secure private networking from your VPC to the EMnify core and your devices.


Intra-Cloud Connect

Automatically establish a private connection that leverages AWS Transit Gateway to transfer data without using the public internet.



Our managed IPsec service includes redundant tunnels so you can connect to other cloud services or your on-premise systems.



OpenVPN is provided for free in a self-service capacity for accessing devices remotely from an application server.

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Integrate into your own application with our REST API

All communication management capabilities are available via API in the programming language of your choice. Automate processes, retrieve device status, and generate insights via your own applications.

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Getting started with our API is easy

Our API is documented using the industry-standard Swagger (OpenAPI) specification. Users can browse the system functionality and even try out API calls against the live system with our interactive documentation. Our extensive API offerings let you develop your own connectivity management portal on top of our solution.

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Consolidate information in one place with EMnify Data Streamer

When networking issues emerge, your support team should never be left in the dark. With EMnify Data Streamer, you can stream real-time connectivity data into your desired cloud services and build operational dashboards that visualize device, connectivity, and application data together, allowing your support team to diagnose and resolve issues faster.