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    Point of Sale

    Cellular IoT for ubiquitous and secure payment

    Maximize uptime of your point of sale terminals, and let customers securely process payment anytime and anywhere with EMnify’s cloud communication for IoT. 

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    Connect every transaction

    Business continuity across industries like retail, gastronomy and hospitality depends on secure and robust communication of PoS terminals. Every minute of downtime means a minute of lost revenue and lost customers.

    Cellular connectivity allows PoS devices to be connected out-of-the-box to enable ubiquitous and on-the-go payment. At indoor locations, 3G and LTE failovers give retailers and business owners insurance against unforeseeable Wi-Fi issues.

    Grow your business with IoT communication that improves your operations

    We understand you operate business-critical IoT products. That’s why EMnify provides not only a global SIM card that can instantly connect your PoS devices at any customer locations but also a platform that secures, simplifies and automates your device communication.

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    “With EMnify, we can control and analyze data traffic in real-time and enhance data security. The platform provides an overview of network activities and costs and allows us to manage SIM cards, view device status, and track our connectivity with ease. EMnify has helped us strengthen our value proposition, increase the reliability of our payment systems, and give more guarantee for our customers.”

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    Raul E. Pelella

    Communications & Marketing Manager, Alberici

    Give customers the security assurance they need

    Payment processing is all about secure communication. EMnify delivers a multi-layered network security architecture to help you prevent financial frauds and other IoT attacks.

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    Protected communication

    Use Cloud Connect to secure all payment data within a dedicated private network that attackers cannot invade.

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    Network firewall

    Remove any illegitimate traffic and ensure terminals can only communicate with authorized IP addresses.

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    SIM theft protection

    Restrict the use of SIM cards to the intended payment devices to avoid connectivity free-ride at your data cost.

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