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Local Breakouts
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Bring devices online no matter where they are with our multi-network IoT SIM. With not a dual SIM but a multi-IMSI approach and EMnify’s fully redundant architecture, we can guarantee 99.99% network uptime for your devices and applications.

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Global IoT SIM

EMnify’s SIM is operator-agnostic, giving your devices access to more than 540 mobile networks in 180 countries over 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE-M.

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Multi-network LTE-M Service

Harness low-cost, low-power, and future-proofed cellular IoT with EMnify's global LTE-M footprint across Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas. 

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Our platform integrates securely into your IoT stack, on-premise or in the cloud. Manage, monitor, and secure device communication on a global scale.

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Regional Breakout

Build multi-region IoT applications that comply with your customers‘ data protection policies. EMnify dynamically routes device traffic to the closest cloud region to ensure your data stays local.

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Data Streamer

Automatically send real-time connectivity data to your business system and build 360-degree dashboards and alerts that accelerate issue detection and resolution.

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Use the EMnify API to optimize your connectivity and SIM lifecycle operations by automatically setting up devices, limiting usage, pausing or resuming subscriptions, and more.

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Easily control device connectivity from any application with a single API to save time and costs. Manage SIM, connectivity, and data usage without switching between interfaces.

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Send and receive SMS commands directly from your application server to reboot devices, apply configuration changes, get device information or trigger a certain action.



Stay on top of real-time network activity, gain secure access to remote devices, control connectivity at the device level, and get a 360° view of your IoT solution.

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Management Portal

Control every aspect of IoT connectivity from a single pane of glass. The management portal provides deep network insights to let you ensure reliable operations of your connected devices.

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Whether you deploy a few or thousands of devices, remote access for configuration and troubleshooting is secure and simplified with EMnify. One VPN connection is all your need to access any devices from anywhere.

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"Our products are used globally, in places where Wi-Fi connectivity is not always available or not stable. Now, all of them have connectivity thanks to EMnify's global coverage. EMnify's portal and APIs allow us to easily manage devices and their connectivity, view their status and track our connectivity costs using one web platform. It works great. EMnify is the best experience we've had integrating connectivity management into our services."

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Necdet Alpmen

Co-founder/CTO, Pubinno Inc.

"EMnify made setting up and managing SIM cards a breeze, letting us control every aspect of provisioning SIMs to equipment directly from a single dashboard. EMnify provides a truly global solution with great pricing value we have been unable to find elsewhere."

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Stefan Thilemann

CTO, Turf Tank

"We use EMnify's multi-network connectivity for our IoT devices, so we don't have to worry about local operators or geographical borders. EMnify's platform allows us to manage data in an easy, time-saving manner; with important metrics for our business model available at a glance, letting us lead the way in the cybersecurity and AI space."

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Eddie Velásquez Ortiz

CEO, M2M Telecom

More reasons to partner with EMnify


Worldwide reach

More than 1200 companies trust EMnify with over 10 million IoT SIMs connecting to 540 operators in 180 countries.


24/7 support

Access always-on customer support and dedicated customer success managers in your preferred language.


360° partnerships

We partner with key IoT businesses like AWS and Azure to deliver complete IoT communication.

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Pricing & Coverage

With our global IoT and M2M SIMs you get access to +540 networks in +180 countries. Review our pricing calculator and coverage map to choose the best plan for your solution.

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