Cellular IoT Connectivity for Google Cloud



Connect global devices securely to your IoT application on Google Cloud

With EMnify IoT SIMs, your devices have immediate access to over 540 carrier networks worldwide. Securely integrate IoT data into your application and access remote devices in a matter of minutes - leveraging our Cloud Connect service.

  • Global network access

    Connect to the best available network over 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M and NB-IoT in 180 countries. Simplify SIM logistics and get unified tariffs for global coverage with our single SIM solution.

  • Flexible integration options

    Whether you deploy your own IoT stack on Google Cloud Virtual Machines or use managed Cloud IoT Core service, we enable end-to-end private networking from devices to your application. 

  • Connectivity management with a single API Gain full network visibility and manage device communication using the EMnify web portal or via REST API to automate business processes and workflows.
Global Cellular Connectivity

Reduce latency and ensure customer data stays local

In traditional roaming scenarios, IoT device data is routed back to the operator’s home country before being sent to your application server. This causes delay and loss of data, high device power consumption, and data compliance issues.

EMnify's platform runs in multiple cloud regions, meaning there's no home network. Data is broken out locally and routed to your closest application server, enabling the deployment of distributed IoT solutions. 

Secure Device Communication to Google VPC

Secure data transport to Google VPC

Traditional operators provide SIM authentication and data security within their cellular infrastructure. Yet, communications between the mobile network and the cloud are left unprotected.

With EMnify CloudConnect, managed IPSec connections with redundant VPN tunnels can be set up within minutes, securing end-to-end network traffic to your Google VPC and giving you access to remote devices. There is no need for private APNs or device clients.

Real-time connectivity data into Google Cloud

Improve operations and customer support

Get real-time insights into network events, cell locations, data usage and costs. Integrate connectivity metadata with your device and application data in Google Cloud Pub/Sub using EMnify DataStreamer and have complete visibility into your IoT solution.

Our integration guides show how you can build 360° dashboards with BigQuery and Data Studio services to make connectivity data actionable to your operations and support team.

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