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Dec, 18 2020

The EMnify IoT Connectivity Platform

EMnify is a complete, end-to-end IoT connectivity provider. Our IoT connectivity platform equips manufacturers, service providers, and their customers to manage Internet of Things devices from a single dashboard. With coverage from over 540 providers in more than 180 countries, we enable truly global deployments. 

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Here’s what you can do with EMnify’s IoT connectivity platform:


Manage your IoT devices

Whether you have hundreds of thousands of connected devices or just a few hundred, you need a platform that lets you and your customers manage them individually. Here are some of the ways you can manage your IoT and M2M devices with EMnify.

Control connectivity

From the dashboard, you can activate, suspend, or deactivate your device connectivity in real-time. Want your devices to connect right out-of-the-box? EMnify lets you configure them to instantly attach to any available network.

Prioritize network selection

You want your customers to enjoy the best connections at the best prices. With EMnify, you can define network selection priorities for individual countries based on signal strength and price.

Provision SIMs Over-the-Air

When you need to assign and reassign SIMs or provision them with a new profile, you can’t just recall all the devices or fly out to every customer. EMnify enables you to assign, reassign, and provision your SIMs Over-the-Air (OTA) in real-time without losing the configuration of your device.

Establish service profiles

Not every device needs unlimited network access. In fact, most shouldn’t have it. In our M2M connectivity management platform, you can define data consumption caps and access permissions for each device.

Track your devices

EMnify equips you to geo-track and geo-fence your device via cell ID and geolocation information. Get alerts when a device leaves or enters the geofenced area, and locate your devices in real-time.

Get device-level reporting

Sometimes you just want high-level data about a deployment. But with EMnify, you can also get granular and analyze current and historical data for each device.

Monitor your deployments

A single deployment can represent thousands of devices. When you need to examine a single customer or a specific deployment, here are some of the things you can do with EMnify.

View live dashboards

EMnify’s dashboard helps you get a bird’s eye view of each deployment, displaying relevant, real-time information, and high-level overviews of your data usage. For each deployment, you can customize EMnify’s intuitive dashboard to focus on the most relevant analytics for you and the customer. 

Get alerts and notifications

When there’s something abnormal about a device or deployment, EMnify lets you know. We’ll send you alerts and notifications about any system and device events that need your attention.

Aggregate data usage

Want to control your costs for a deployment? The EMnify platform lets you aggregate Data, SMS, or USSD across all active devices.

Secure your connectivity

EMnify shares the load of IoT security. As your connectivity platform, we’ll implement several powerful cybersecurity features on behalf of your business. Here are some of the ways we keep your connected devices secure.

SMS firewall

With an SMS firewall, you can restrict SMS exchanges between other devices or applications to prevent unauthorized communication. So your devices are only able to communicate with the entities they need to transmit to or receive from.

Network-based firewall

EMnify gives you network-level security. Our network-based firewall restricts data connections, letting you control which devices can communicate with yours.


We provide multiple Virtual Private Network (VPN) options. With a VPN, you can send all data traffic directly from your device to your application, removing opportunities to intercept your transmissions.

IP subnet segmentation

Our private and dedicated subnets create another layer of separation between your device and other third-party devices.

IMEI lock

Our IMEI lock associates your device with a specific IMEI and disables the SIM from being used in non-authorized devices. If someone physically steals your device or removes the SIM, you can prevent them from accessing your network.

Simplify global billing and invoicing

Global deployments create some challenging scenarios for billing and invoicing your customers. There’s a lot to keep track of from network to network, country to country, and customer to customer. EMnify’s connectivity platform makes these challenges easier to navigate.

Manage custom tariffs

Right within your connectivity platform, you can define custom usage tariff rates per zone, country, or network. You can also select and manage tariffs such as recurring charges and inclusive volumes on a per-customer basis.

Display charges in real-time

EMnify charges rates in real-time, instantly providing itemized billing information for your customers to view in their dashboard. 

Support multiple currencies

As a global service provider, EMnify supports multiple currencies, making it easier for customers to pay you.

Integrate with other tools

EMnify empowers you to seamlessly integrate all functionality into your other systems, applications, and processes. Our Restful API lets you access all connectivity and management capabilities from device management applications, operations support systems (OSS), business support systems (BSS), and other third-party applications.

You can use EMnify’s functionality to automate processes and workflows in your other tools.

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