Automate SIM management with the emnify Python SDK


emnify is an API-first cellular connectivity platform designed to be integrated directly into customer applications. This gives you the opportunity to automate their connectivity management while troubleshooting their devices as a whole—connectivity included. 
As we continue our mission to spark innovation in IoT, we are excited to announce the release of another tool designed to simplify connectivity management—emnify’s Python SDK.

How SDKs simplify automation

Software development kits provide developers access to APIs through logical expressions. 
For example, authenticating with an SDK often requires two steps, whereas direct API usage requires multiple steps. 

With an SDK: 

from emnify import EMnify
emnify = EMnify(TOKEN)

Without the SDK: 

async function authenticate(applicationToken)
{ axios
    { application_token: applicationToken

 .then((response) => {

       if (response.status === 200) {
     setAuthenticationStatus("AUTHENTICATED"); } })
 .catch((error) => { console.log(error);

Automate Device Management

With the Python SDK, you can flexibly automate their SIM state management to match the unique lifecycle of their devices, starting with their initial configuration. 

Set up and configure devices via SMS

Many telematics companies configure their devices for data connectivity by sending an SMS. Some of our customers use this process to configure data connectivity and tell the device which server to communicate with. This process can be automated with the Python SDK. 

Automatically suspend seasonal devices

Automating connectivity management is especially useful for companies with seasonal devices which aren’t during specific times of the year. By leveraging the SDK, connectivity management can be integrated with calendars or other systems that track and maintain their fleet. These automations remove the need to manually disable device connectivity.

Suspend devices based on customer actions

When your customers cancel their subscription, the connectivity must also be disabled. The Python SDK will help you automate the suspension of this service or even permanently remove the related SIM card from the platform.

Monitor and troubleshoot your device connectivity 

emnify's Python SDK version enables you to implement real-time monitoring of all connected devices. But, with thousands of devices distributed globally, automatic network switching may not solve location-specific issues. That's why the SDK also covers features like connectivity reset and network blocklisting that let you quickly troubleshoot potential issues.

Note: If you prefer monitoring device connectivity and data consumption directly from your existing operational dashboards and application, the emnify Data Streamer lets you do so. Learn about the Data Streamer, or check our Integration guides for detailed instructions.

Try the emnify Python SDK and give us feedback

We’d love to hear from you to help us shape the SDK. Feel free to interact with us directly in our GitHub repository by submitting issues or contributing directly.

The emnify Python SDK is open source and includes comprehensive documentation.

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