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eUICC: what it is and why it matters

In our last blog we looked at the different SIM Form Factors available for M2M deployments using a cellular connectivity solution. We also briefly looked at embedded SIMs (eUICC) and some of the benefits over traditional SIMs. This week, we will look further into the eUICC - what exactly makes

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SIM Form Factors Explained

Which SIM is best for you and your business needs?

As a business, you have a whole range of technologies and protocols to choose from to enable Machine-to-Machine connectivity; which one you use, greatly depends on the use case. For example, smart home connectivity is mostly provided via

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EMnify 2015 TADS presentation

Martin Giess, EMnify CTO and co-founder at TADS 2015

In November 2015, our CTO and co-founder Martin Giess shared a presentation at the Telecom Application Developer Summit (TADS).

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EMnify IoT Labs: AWS IoT + EMnify Enterprise Connect = Cloud Services at Work

EMnify and AWS IoT - how to use them together

Sometimes the best connectivity solution is realized by bringing two systems together. In light of this - and with the recent launch of AWS IoT out of beta - we have put together an overview of the AWS offering as well as our own EMnify Enterprise

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