Jan, 15 2018

Enhanced Global Data Routing – EMnify Dynamic Regional Internet Breakout

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Enhanced Global Data Routing – EMnify Dynamic Regional Internet Breakout Powered by AWS

High network latency in globally distributed IoT deployments is no longer a reason for concern thanks to EMnify dynamic Regional Internet Breakout (RIB) infrastructure, which enables data transfers while significantly reducing the ping time to a fraction of traditional MNO’s latency.

RIB is an innovative solution for network latency enabled by EMnify globally distributed cloud architecture. By routing endpoint traffic- either dynamically depending on the device’s location or through pre-defined system configuration - it reduces latency and significantly improves the time it takes for devices to transfer data.  

While every device and protocol is affected by latency, the main beneficiaries from such interconnection means are application providers who run globally distributed application servers or have globally distributed deployments. In these cases, the new EMnify dynamic RIB infrastructure can minimize the time it takes for their application to exchange data.

Benefits of EMnify Dynamic RIB vs. Traditional Routing for IoT Devices  

The longer the distance between the network core and the application server, the greater the lag. When a network core is based in one continent, and the devices are based in another one, it would take them longer to send and receive data in comparison to a use case when both the network and devices are based in the same continent. While lag may be less relevant to some devices’ functionality, it’s crucial for applications that require high precision or rely on user interaction. Dynamic RIB enables data transfer from the endpoint to the closest breakout region, and therefore significantly reduces the distance between the endpoint and application server. Using dynamic RIBdevices all over the world will always use the shortest route to the application server.   


Service Profile Configuration in EMnify User Interface  

"Internet Breakout Region" configuration option is now available in the EMnify UI under the service profile settings. Users are now able to choose their preferred settings and assign different configurations to different service profiles.    

Option 1: “Regional Breakout” will let the system dynamically choose the breakout region, based on the visited network’s location.

Option 2: Choosing a specific region will route the traffic exclusively through the selected breakout.

Option 3: Selecting an option with a VPN tied to a specific region requires a user to connect to the EMnify VPN Gateway in that specific region.




Endpoint Connectivity Status 

The Endpoint / SIM Connectivity Status is now showing the current breakout region and IP address in the EMnify UI.





Breakout with Regional Public IP

Endpoints that are connected to a certain region will appear on the internet with a public IP registered to that region. That will be noticed by any service that takes the geo-location of IPs into account (e.g., the user will end up on instead of This also means that the user can make endpoints virtually appear in the desired region regardless of their physical location.


Available locations and additional roll-out 

Regional Public IP


When will my configurations changes be applied?  

Configuration changes will only be applied to new endpoint connections. Endpoints that are already connected will change their routing whenever they reconnect. 

Is there a failover system? Are RIBs affected by degraded performance?  

In case a specific region suffers from a total loss of connectivity, the system will automatically re-allocate endpoints to other regions (regardless of the configuration in the service profile). Internet breakout will continue to work with degraded performance. 

How are customers with active VPNs affected by a regional connectivity loss?  

Customers with active VPN connections to all regions will have no impact on the service. Customers with VPN to the affected region won’t be able to have access to the service, yet could change their VPN and choose another region. 

Once a connectivity with the region of choice is recovered, endpoints will automatically be transferred back to the default region.  



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