Feb, 21 2017

IoT Platform: Global Cellular Connectivity Management

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A global cellular connectivity management platform (CMP) is a combination of connectivity services and management tools that enable your IoT and M2M projects worldwide. It allows businesses to connect their IoT project deployments, activate or deactivate SIMs, change tariff profiles, switch between different mobile network operators and define data consumption among other things

What is a CMP? A CMP is a service platform that includes a combination of connectivity options and management tools that enable global IoT projects.

Choosing the right CMP is no easy feat. Making the decision involves a strategic mindset, a thorough understanding of important applications and connectivity needs, and choosing a future-proof platform.

The core challenges lie in the advance and complex nature of IoT smart devices and networks. IoT connected endpoints generate a contrasting range of data amount transmissions – small, medium and large – from multiple connectivity technologies; enterprises will need the ability to collect, store, and analyze this complexity on a comprehensive CMP to perform their IoT-driven business operations and services successfully.

Key features of a global cellular IoT platform

Connectivity and Coverage

  • Global coverage with 2G, 3G, and 4G support
  • Automatic network roaming
  • Define your connectivity rules (e.g. operator selection)

Connectivity Management Tool

  • Activate or deactivate your SIMs in real-time
  • Configure your devices and allow them to instantly connect to any CMP supported network
  • Assign SIMs in real-time without losing the configuration of your device
  • Define network selection priorities for individual countries, based on quality of service
  • Set data consumption caps and permissions on a device-level
  • Aggregate Data, SMS and USSD usage across all devices
  • Access real-time reporting on a device-level
  • Control your connectivity costs
  • Enable scalability with processes automation via API
  • Global 24/7 support via phone, email, and chat

Complete range of OTA provisionable SIMs

  • Supporting classic, industrial and embedded SIMs of all form-factors - 2FF, 3FF, 4FF and MFF2
  • SIMs provisioned in real-time over-the-air (OTA) to ensure best prices and coverage


  • Private secure network environment provided by default
  • VPN access to the device cloud
  • Control and traffic filtering via network-based firewall
  • Closed user groups prevent devices from communication outside of the user’s closed network
  • SIM-lock prevents unauthorized SIM usage

Benefits of a global cellular IoT platform

Efficient IoT & M2M connectivity management throughout the whole product lifecycle

Comprehensive connectivity management should allow you to set up an IoT/M2M network and effectively control it in a fast and simple way on every stage of your product’s lifecycle – would it be a start of deployment, growth, and maturity.

Reduced total cost of ownership and its effective management

A global CMP implies that you will only need to setup and integrate the connectivity and its management tools once, keeping your product carrier-independent. Ideally, you also get single, transparent contract for the connectivity of your devices across the world without any hidden costs or obligatory commitments – together with the live reporting system, it should enable simple cost forecasting.

Minimized risk

Global coverage and SIMs’ ability to automatically switch to the network with the best signal radically minimizes the risk that the device will be offline, while comprehensive security features should eliminate the risk of unauthorized access to your IoT or M2M network.

Who is EMnify?

EMnify helps businesses maximize their efficiency and reduce risks by providing innovative, secure and future-proof global cellular connectivity management platform in the market. With EMnify, companies can save time on setting up and managing every aspect of their connectivity throughout the entire product lifecycle; reduce and efficiently manage their total cost of ownership. Our unique infrastructure is being operated as a cloud service and enables our customers to deploy their devices in “secure device clouds”, thus minimizing the risks usually associated with IoT&M2M applications. Additionally, we offer our services on a transparent pay-as-you-go pricing model which helps businesses optimize their costs and retain flexibility.

We are excited to discuss your IoT connectivity needs & help you to find the right solutions. Reach out to our team via email: or phone: +49-30-5557-33333.

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