Smart tracking for logistics services


The development of IoT and M2M applications in the logistics market is driven by multiple factors, such as manufacturers and retailers’ constant requests for increases in efficiency of business processes. This competitive landscape also forces logistics providers to optimize routes to reduce costs.


The applications for M2M/IoT technology in the logistics industry are:

  • Logistics fleet management
  • Freight tracking/ monitoring
  • Asset tracking


Integrators and manufacturers can overcome the challenges they face by running their IoT/ M2M applications on an IoT connectivity platform.

  • Long lifespan
  • Large deployments
  • Reliable coverage
  • Multi-national coverage
  • Policy enforcement
  • Traffic cost management

Technological and commercial solutions

Application developers , car manufacturers and suppliers can overcome the challenges they face by running their M2M and IoT applications on an IoT connectivity platform.

Integrated SIM Technology

EMnify provides network-agnostic embedded M2M SIMs which suppliers of logistics tracking devices can integrate into shipping containers or on-board units much earlier in the manufacturing process. These SIMs also much more resistant to temperature changes and impact, protecting them against damage and preventing costly replacements.

Network-independent Connectivity

EMnify’s network-independent SIM cards enable you to benefit from great coverage, cost and quality optimized network selection. Machine 2 Machine device connections are steered based on presets, such as highest data throughput, best coverage or lowest pricing.

Flexible pricing Models

EMnify’s Elastic Core Network scales on-demand and enables you to drastically reduce your data transmission cost from day one using pooling and a modular pricing. It is also still able to connect and manage a huge number of devices, spread out over a far region.


EMnify Cloud offers integrators and manufacturers in the logistics industry the opportunity to create M2M and IoT applications that reduce the TCO. This is achieved by offering more durable and reliable SIM technology and reducing connectivity cost with flexible pricing models.

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