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    Aug, 17 2020

    EMnify is First to Announce 5G Roaming for IoT/M2M Access

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    • Berlin-headquartered EMnify now offers 5G access to enterprise customers 
    • Taiwan FarEasTone (FET) is first 5G roaming network available to EMnify customers  
    • EMnify’s mobile core can handle 5G, LTE-M and NB-IoT 

    Berlin, August 17, 2020 – Leading cloud-native IoT connectivity provider EMnify announces 5G access to enterprise customers based on its own direct roaming integrationEMnify customers with 5G modems can now roam on Taiwan FarEasTone (FET)As the first cloud based, independent IoT/M2M connectivity service provider to announce 5G roaming implementation, EMnify delivers on its vision to enable groundbreaking IoT solutions worldwide, by accelerating universal access to global IoT connectivity. 

    The EMnify roaming team approached all EMnify roaming partners known to have already deployed 5G, and Taiwan FET was first to respond to EMnify for 5G implementationEMnify’s roaming agreement with Taiwan FET was technically integrated to support data for 2G/3G, 4G and NB-IoT. Today’s announcement sees EMnify now also support 5G devices, enabling EMnify customers with 5G modems to roam on Tawain FET.  

    GSMA reports 67 mobile networks globally who have deployed 5G. There are two different types of 5G deployments: non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA). Today all 5G deployments are NSA, meaning they are based on 4G infra reg. signaling. SA deployments meanwhile are based on dedicated signaling and protocols.  

    Alexander Schebler, VP Carrier Relations & Roaming and Co-Founder of EMnifycommentedWe are excited that Taiwan FET was first to respond to EMnify 5G implementation. With LTE (4G) becoming a commodity, LPWAN access technologies LTE-M and NB-IoT becoming increasingly important and supported, EMnify’s sights are and will continue to be on 5G roaming access. We look forward to further operators implementing 5G in the coming months. 

    The first provider to deliver a cloud-native, virtualized mobile core network that is globally distributed, highly scalable, and operator-independent, EMnify empowers businesses worldwide to get the best out of their IoT devices and overcome industry barriers. It does this by enabling IoT devices and applications to be connected through cellular networks and allowing developers to easily manage and integrate the cellular connectivity into their IoT solutions through EMnify’s API.  

    EMnify has a worldwide customer base exceeding 1,000 enterprises and enables some of the world’s fastest growing IoT Communication Service Providers such as 1nce, BICS and Telecom Liechtenstein. 


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    About EMnify 

    EMnify is a leading cloud-native IoT connectivity provider that empowers businesses worldwide to get the best out of their devices and overcome industry barriers. Led by forward-thinking telecommunications experts Frank Stöcker, Martin Giess, and Alexander Schebler, EMnify is revolutionizing the industry through its cloud-native service, enabling secure IoT connectivity – addressing one of the main issues regarding the IoT sector. Its disruptive solution and customer-centric approach are made possible by 100 experts that support thousands of companies in more than 70 countries. EMnify’s connectivity is available in 180 countries with 540 operators across all continents.  

    Founded in 2014, EMnify believes in the power of the Internet of Things and supports positive societal impact through enterprise innovation.  


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