Multi-layered network security for your IoT solution

With complete control over the data path, SIM-as-identity, virtual private networking, and network firewall-as-a-service, EMnify's SASE architecture protects your devices against wide-ranging IoT attacks and misuse.

"The EMnify platform is easy to integrate with using Cloud Connect via AWS Transit Gateway - so we can securely send commands to the EV charging units."

Chris Darby, CTO,
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A dedicated private network for your devices and application using Cloud Connect

Securely connect IoT devices to your cloud resources. EMnify Cloud Connect protects your two-way data communication within a virtual private network. As each device is assigned with a private static IP address, your application firewall can effectively filter unwanted Internet traffic to prevent DDoS attacks.

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Intra-Cloud Connect (AWS)

Automatically create a private, intra-cloud connection between EMnify and your AWS VPC using the Transit Gateway. Data is securely transported from devices to your AWS hosts without ever crossing the public Internet.



Connect the EMnify platform with your virtual machines on Azure, Google Cloud, or any other cloud services and on-premises systems using our managed IPsec service. Let your devices and application securely communicate over encrypted and redundant VPN tunnels.

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Configure your trusted DNS service

Prevent cache poisoning by selecting the trusted DNS service that provides the availability you need. When using Cloud Connect, you can configure and utilize your cloud provider's private DNS service that is not accessible over the public Internet, so only devices within your VPC can query for your domain.


Avoid SIM misuse with the IMEI lock

Devices deployed in public areas are exposed to SIM theft and misuse for free data usage or unauthorized access to the application server. With EMnify's IMEI lock, you can restrict the use of your SIM to the first device it is attached to. That way, attackers cannot tamper with the SIM card by inserting it into another device.

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Apply communication policies for your devices to reduce attack surface

Configure and manage multiple policy groups to minimize your device exposure to security breaches.

  • Block unused mobile services and technologies.
  • Set limits on data and SMS consumption.
  • Restrict SMS communication to trusted applications and peer devices.



Detect anomalies and threats with EMnify Data Streamer

Monitor device data consumption and signaling patterns to timely detect anomalies caused by attackers, human errors, or device misconfigurations. Coupled with device, infrastructure and application data, real-time connectivity insights deliver complete visibility to unveil security holes and zero-day exploits on your IoT solution.

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