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    IoT connectivity for enterprises

    When it comes to connectivity, you need a reliable long-term partner you can trust to deliver consistent, quality experiences on a global scale. Here’s why enterprises like you count on EMnify to facilitate IoT connectivity everywhere you deploy.

    Enhance IoT Security & Optimize Data with a VPN-1

    Multilayer IoT security

    Your customers trust you to keep their data and devices secure. EMnify bolsters the IoT security you offer them with VPN tunnels, custom DNS, service profiles, and more. Whether you use AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or another provider, your device data stays safe in the cloud with a private, encrypted connection. Advanced features like IMEI lock prevent thieves from abusing your connectivity even if they steal your device.


    One SIM everywhere

    EMnify’s global IoT SIM cards connect to more than 540 networks in over 195 countries. In most regions, we have multiple carriers—and your devices will automatically connect to the network with the strongest signal. Alternatively, you can select your preferred carrier. As your devices cross borders, our SIMs seamlessly transition between carriers, keeping devices connected and service stable.

    Smiling customer service representative at work

    24/7 enterprise-level support

    Your customers expect you to be available and ready to support them any time—and that means you always need your connectivity provider at your side. We provide 24/7 technical support and customer service via phone and live chat, helping you reduce downtime and keep services running smoothly. As we work with you to solve the problem, we will always give you a guaranteed response time: reducing downtime with faster problem resolution.

    Connectivity you can count on

    Thousands of businesses worldwide trust EMnify’s cellular IoT connectivity platform. With redundant coverage and multi-layer network security, we keep your devices connected and secure wherever you deploy. We also offer the largest LTE-M coverage on the market. We keep everything connected, everywhere.

    FAQs from IoT enterprises

    Here are some of the most common questions enterprises ask about EMnify. 

    Can I use my custom DNS?

    Yes. We know your trusted DNS servers play a critical role in preventing third parties from diverting traffic to malicious sites. With DNS filtering, you can ensure your devices only communicate with permitted websites.

    How do I monitor my connectivity data?

    EMnify provides you with a web portal for monitoring, analyzing, and generating reports on your connectivity. You can explore device- or deployment-level connectivity data in real-time, draw insights from historical data, and set alerts based on connectivity events. Using our Data Streamer, you can also bring real-time connectivity data to your other business applications.

    Can I block specific operators?

    Yes. In countries where we have multi-carrier support, EMnify gives you SIM-level control over which networks your devices connect to.

    Does EMnify provide an SMS firewall?

    Yes. You can control where your devices can send SMS messages to and where they can receive them from.

    Can I provision SIMs over-the-air?

    Yes. EMnify makes it easy to commission or decommission SIMs OTA, so you can quickly scale operations up or down.

    Can I get a custom rate based on where I need to deploy?

    Yes. We can work with you to optimize your connectivity costs and develop a custom plan or tariff based on the countries you need to deploy in.

    Which SIM card form factors are available?

    EMnify’s global IoT SIMs come in all form factors including MFF2 (eSIM), and you can choose commercial grade or industrial grade.

    How soon can I get SIM cards?

    Order your SIM cards today, and we’ll get them to you tomorrow. We keep a large stockpile of our global IoT SIM cards and provide next-day shipping to get you up and running fast.

    Is there a factory test mode?

    Yes. You can ship ready-to-launch devices with pre-activated SIM cards. You won’t have to pay the monthly SIM hosting fees for factory testing, and the devices will have 100KB of data and 10 SMS MT/MO for free.

    How will EMnify integrate with my tech stack?

    Our platform has native integrations with most cloud service providers, and our API is available in the programming language of your choice—so you can easily integrate with your own applications and the rest of your tools. Check out our integration guides.

    Does EMnify support SSO?

    Yes. SSO is available for enterprise contracts and simplifies managing user access to the EMnify portal.

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