IoT Solutions
for Fleet Management

Ensure no asset goes missing. Continuously and reliably monitor critical fleet data with a global IoT SIM – always connected to the best cellular network – and comprehensive connectivity management platform.

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How you can simply connect Fleet Management?

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A small sim-card and a smart platform provides everything you need.


Telematics - operating a large fleet efficiently

Are you building solutions to track vehicles, monitor driving behavior, capture vehicle diagnostics, or capture video evidence? Is your objective to improve route planning, reduce failures, and make fleet operation more efficient and secure? If so, emnify can help, by simplifying how you ship, connect and operate your telematic devices across borders.

Telematics and Smart Fleet Management at a glance

How emnify helps telematics businesses


Control GPS device data with the emnify platform

Cost surprises happen when GPS devices are misused or have misconfigured firmware. emnify puts cost control in your hands:

» Limit where your device can send data using an IP whitelist

» Limit SMS and data volumes

» Prevent misuse of SIMs in a different device using IMEI lock

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