Data-driven fleet management


In no other industry have M2M and IoT developed faster than in the automotive industry. This development is driven by multiple reasons such as increasing efficiency of business processes, new product features, closer relationships with customers, and facilitating new business models such as car sharing. Delivering on the IoT and M2M promise in the automotive industry are not only the car manufacturers, but also suppliers, who are often the forerunners of innovators.


The applications for M2M/IoT technology in the transportation segment:

  • Fleet management
  • In-vehicle infotainment
  • Remote diagnostics and services
  • Assistance systems
  • Usage-based cost allocation


Manufacturers and suppliers are facing the following difficulties and requirements when developing applications for the transportation markets:

  • Long lifespan
  • Operations in harsh environments
  • Traffic cost management
  • Multi-national coverage
  • Policy enforcement
  • Split billing

Technological and commercial solutions

Application developer, car manufacturer and supplier can overcome the challenges they face by running their IoT/M2M application on an IoT connectivity platform.

Embedded SIM/eUICC

Car manufacturers and supplier can integrate embedded SIM cards much earlier in the automobile manufacturing process or on-board units. They are also much more resistant to temperature changes and impacts.

Network-independent Connectivity

Benefit from great coverage, cost and quality optimized network selection with EMnify’s network-independent SIM card. On-board units are steered based on your preferences, such as highest data throughput or lowest pricing.

Billing Management

With connected cars becoming the norm, more M2M and IoT applications on board share a single SIM card. EMnify’s application-aware traffic recognition allows granular reporting and split billing on application level.


EMnify Cloud offers integrators and manufacturers in the automotive industry the opportunity to create M2M and IoT applications that reduce the TCO, by offering much more durable and reliable SIM technology and reducing connectivity cost by flexible pricing models. EMnify enables to enter profitable new business models like car sharing and usage-based insurance.

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