emnify Announces Global LTE-M Roaming for Low-Cost, Low-Power IoT Applications


  • Berlin-based emnify now offers multi-network LTE-M access in 44 countries, allowing IoT businesses to deploy LPWAN-enabled devices in global markets.

BERLIN, April 14, 2021— Leading cloud communication platform provider for IoT, emnify, today announces global roaming of LTE-M – a 3GPP standard for Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) built on 4G networks and forward compatible with 5G. With this launch, emnify is adding LTE-M support to its current 2G, 3G, and 4G network access, providing a future-proof connectivity option for cellular IoT in answer to worldwide GSM and UMTS phase-out.

LTE-M introduces unique advantages for global IoT deployments, including:

  • Long battery life with Power Save Mode (PSM) and Extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX) features. 
  • Extended range for improved indoor and underground connections. 
  • Low-cost modules that are only 30% of 4G module price. 

Compared to NB-IoT – the other cellular LPWAN variance – LTE-M offers wider national and international roaming availability. The technology also comes with excellent mobility support and higher data rates to enable a wider range of connected use cases, such as asset tracking and fleet managementFaster data speefurther reduces power consumption in medium-bandwidth transmission like over-the-air firmware updates, as devices stay online for a much shorter time. 

Alexander Schebler, VP carrier relations and co-founder at emnify, explains: “We recognize LTE-M is the go-to connectivity for a variety of IoT applications because it allows for innovative features not available with previous cellular generations while solving the challenge of 2G/3G sunsetting in regions like North America. To deliver these benefits to customers, we are proactively working with our network partners to enable LTE-M roaming as soon as it is technically available in their networks.” 

As of today, emnify offers LTE-M access in 44 countries with varying support levels depending on the customer’s deployment location, including: 

  • Expected coverage where LTE-M access is technically available by default based on standard 4G implementation of emnify's network partners. 
  • Validated coverage where LTE-M availability is frequently tested and confirmed by emnify's internal tests.
  • Guaranteed coverage where LTE-M service is guaranteed via official roaming agreements with emnify’s network partners. 

emnify empowers IoT businesses with a single SIM card for global cellular and LPWAN connectivity in 180 countries, along with a pay-as-you-go subscription model that can start at small data volumes under 1 MB. In addition to the new LTE-M launch, the company is also working on NB-IoT and 5G roaming with first agreements already signed, to ensure customers have the best access to the latest radio technologies. 

For more information visit emnify’s LTE-M coverage page.

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