May, 14 2020

IoT Cloud Connectivity: How Your IoT Solution is Secured

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EMnify delivers worldwide cellular connectivity and is one of the first connectivity providers with a cellular platform in the public cloud. With this, EMnify provides unique integrations for enterprises running their applications on hyperscalers like AWS, Azure or Google. 

Watch the below video to see how EMnify secures the path from IoT device to the cloud using an intra-cloud connect that can be set up in minutes using standard cloud services. Using this solution, you access your own private network in which your device and application can securely communicate without exposing data to the public internet. 


If you want to find out which other cellular features can be used to secure your IoT solution you can download our free Security Whitepaper below. The whitepaper has 25+ features and best practices that every enterprise can adopt to be safe from IoT attacks. 

What can your connectivity provider do for your device security?

Check out our Introductory Guide to Wireless Connectivity to make the best decision for your IoT use case.

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