Dec, 18 2020

EMnify Data SIM Card

Most IoT applications don’t use much data. They can afford to roam, and they don’t always need high-speed connections. But when your use case requires medium-volume data consumption, you don’t want to get stuck paying excessive roaming charges or switching to a slower network when your carrier can’t deliver 4G service.

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EMnify’s data SIM cards were built for IoT applications like yours. Each SIM is preloaded with multiple subscriber identities, so you can automatically switch to the carrier with the strongest signal and ensure that you and your customers are always paying local data rates.

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Multi-network coverage

Our IoT data SIM cards have coverage in more than 540 networks in over 180 countries. Wherever you deploy, you can provision your SIMs Over-the-Air (OTA) and even automate network selection, so your devices always attaches to the best network for your use case.

Scalable data volumes

You need technology that scales with your business. Whether your SIMs need 100 MB or 5GB per month, EMnify offers affordable rates for inclusive data volumes that fit your needs.

Full control over data usage

With EMnify’s connectivity management platform, you and your customers can optimize data usage and manage your devices’ connectivity.

Embedded SIMs

EMnify provides an embedded SIM card in the MFF2 form factor, the smallest, most robust SIM card. 

Industrial grade SIMs

EMnify’s data SIM cards are industrial-grade. We thoroughly test them, and they’re pre-integrated before shipment. These durable SIMs are suitable for harsh environments and can withstand variations in temperature and humidity. An extended warranty protects the customer from unforeseeable circumstances, and you can easily monitor each SIMs health in the Connectivity Management Platform.

IoT data SIM use cases

EMnify’s IoT data SIM card is a multi-industry solution for medium-volume use cases that require extensive coverage and connectivity management. The most common use cases include:

  • On-site and off-site handheld radios at industry worksites. These may require 4G connections.
  • Analytics during car races. Professional teams use IoT solutions to collect real-time information on speed, position, and more.
  • Security devices with real-time monitoring (such as video streaming) and instant alerts.
  • Industrial IoT applications that require devices to connect over longer distances.

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