A new era for IoT with cost-effective, converged cellular and satellite connectivity

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Connectivity is the bedrock of IoT, and if we’re going to meet the demands of modern, cloud-native businesses operating in increasingly remote or challenging environments, we have to make it easier to manage and more reliable. Despite significant advancements that have enabled IoT deployments to scale across various sectors, the current connectivity solutions are still limited. The need for a truly global IoT solution is not just evident, it is critical.   

In response, emnify, alongside our innovative partners, has developed a converged solution that delivers comprehensive global coverage.  

With our cloud-native mobile core technology, we are the first in the industry to combine cellular and satellite connectivity into one emnify SIM, while using a single modem. Businesses can now extend their IoT deployments into remote and rural areas, and easily manage everything through one platform.  

This is more than complete global coverage, it’s about offering unmatched levels of reliability and redundancy without the operational burden of managing multiple networks, management platforms, and providers.

Solving Real-World Challenges   

Modern enterprises have incorporated IoT and connected devices into the core of their digital transformation, and now the most fundamental aspects of their business rely on uninterrupted connectivity. While cellular networks are available worldwide, some areas may be unpopulated or too isolated for cellular coverage.    

For enterprises wanting to deploy in remote and isolated areas, the connectivity options are typically limited to three options: a) forgoing connectivity altogether, b) investing in private infrastructure, which is not only cost-prohibitive but also rigid in terms of coverage and setup, or c) opting for traditional satellite connectivity—but this can mean new hardware configurations, dual modules, dual SIMs, and multi-vendor contracts. Each of these options presents its own set of limitations and challenges, from significant capital expenditure and operational hurdles to simply having to operate without reliable connectivity.    

The SuperNetwork platform targets these issues head on. While integrating satellite connectivity traditionally implies a hefty cost, emnify has introduced satellite connectivity within the same modem and antenna form factor, but at a fraction of what the industry has seen in the past.  

Our aim is to democratize satellite connectivity and make it accessible and affordable for all IoT businesses. In doing this, we also eradicate the prohibitive costs and complex form factors that have historically been a barrier.   

The emnify converged solution opens up a world where satellite connectivity becomes a genuinely viable addition for use cases that were previously deemed financially impractical. Standard Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) in typical use cases, such as track and trace, metering, and sensoring, can now incorporate satellite connectivity without jeopardizing the business use case’s financial viability.  

In essence, for a minimal marginal cost, emnify makes it possible for businesses to add satellite connectivity without altering the overall device form factor, ensuring costs are non-prohibitive. This pivotal approach not only keeps business use cases viable but also paves the way for millions of devices to be satellite-enabled.  

I invite you to experience this convergence first-hand. emnify is rolling out a time-limited, expert-supported evaluation program including evaluation kits to allow you to test drive our converged cellular and satellite service. You can explore its potential by registering your interest here.  

The Future of emnify and IoT

Everything we do at emnify starts with the customer. Our decision to offer our customers converged cellular and satellite IoT connectivity on a single SIM is not an isolated event, it’s part of our broader strategy to provide an entirely distinctive, customer-focused experience. 

We’re proud to be the first movers in providing this converged solution. But being a first mover is not an end in itself—it’s a call to continue innovating and setting new industry standards. As we continue to optimize and improve our SuperNetwork, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of IoT connectivity—a future built around unique IoT business needs, challenges, and aspirations.  


Converged cellular and satellite eval program

emnify is offering a limited number of evaluation kits to test drive our converged cellular and satellite service. Please register your interest in the eval program by filling out this form.