Automate network operations with a single API

Manage IoT device communication from any system via API to automate business processes and workflows.

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Streamline processes with our REST API


Automate business processes with the EMnify API for your device fleet. Networking functions can be queried and controlled from your own applications so you can display device status, monitor and limit data consumption, block a specific operator, and more.

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Align SIM contract duration to your device operation lifetime

Gain full control over the SIM lifecycle and optimize costs by activating, pausing, and resuming SIM subscriptions through our API or portal. If a customer cancels their subscription, your SIM contract pauses, so you only pay for what you use.


Use SMS to minimize setup time

IoT device implementations often use SMS to wake up the device, apply configuration changes, or trigger certain actions. While you can also use our SMS console in the portal, sending SMS configuration through the API allows you to scale your processes and get your devices operational faster.


Build your own commercial connectivity model

With EMnify’s quota and prepaid management functionality, you can manage upfront SMS/data cost balance per device. Once the limit is reached, the service will be stopped or throttled. You can also integrate top-up functionality into your applications, so when the customer pays, their service is instantly available again.


Develop your own communication platform

Our platform is truly API-first. Everything that is available in the portal is available as an API endpoint, so it's easy to integrate connectivity management into your application or platform.

We also offer our communication platform-as-a-service so you can work with our partners (and yours) to create your own offer.

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