Watch this on-demand webinar co-hosted by emnify and Berg Insight, where we dissect the convergence of satellite and cellular technologies in IoT and its impact on industries like logistics and fleet management, among others.

Why watch?

  • Direct solutions for IoT use cases: Learn how merging satellite and cellular connectivity can transform IoT connectivity across numerous use cases. 
  • Supply chain resilience: Discover essential strategies for ensuring continuous connectivity, crucial for logistics and supply chain efficiency. 
  • Simplified operations and enhanced security: See how a single management platform can make managing your IoT deployments easier and more secure.
  • Choosing the right IoT partner: Get insights into what factors to consider when selecting an IoT connectivity partner to support your evolving business needs.
  • Innovations in cold chain logistics: Explore how IoT and the latest sensor technologies are revolutionizing cold chain logistics.
  • emnify SuperNetwork SatPlus: Learn how emnify overcomes the challenges of providing consistent IoT connectivity in remote areas.
  • Success stories: Learn about businesses that have seen tangible improvements by integrating both terrestrial and satellite connectivity.

Who should watch?

This webinar is for decision-makers in IoT-driven businesses, from project managers and solution architects to CEOs, looking for actionable insights to optimize their IoT operations and strategies.