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IoT Peer Benchmarking Report

Network coverage, provisioning and management, cloud-native integrations – see how emnify ranks in Transforma’s 2023 IoT Peer Benchmarking Report.

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Notable Excerpts From The Report

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Market Comparison Diagram


This graphic from the report depicts a key section of the document in which the organization ranks the included IoT Connectivity Providers based on various criteria, like

- cloud management services

- scalability of platforms and networks

- connectivity management features

- security services

- and more.


In the diagram, you can see a visual representation of the market and how emnify compares to other leading competitors.

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Transforma’s evaluation of emnify as a service provider


The core of Transforma’s evaluation of emnify is summarized by this excerpt:

“Emnify has probably the most cloud-native approach of any CSP to addressing IoT connectivity, including its core, platform and data management architecture. This is one of its assets. The other is the set of relationships with network operators under the SuperNetwork umbrella, which provides a unique blend of coverage, compliance and control.

It [emnify] is currently focused on reorienting itself more from acting as an MVNE towards its activities as a global provider of connectivity direct to enterprises.

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The report continues to dissect emnify’s networks, middleware, data management, solutions, services, and more to highlight the reasoning for their evaluation of emnify’s ranking in the market and key differentiators.


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