Easy entry into the IoT market


The last decade witnessed constant growth and change in the business and operational requirements of the communications industry. The M2M revolution has changed the way devices communicate. To succeed in this environment, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are focusing from human subscribers towards the new growth markets generated by the explosion of M2M/ IoT applications.

Turn-key IoT/M2M business

Gain a competitive advantage by kick-starting your IoT offerings by enabling:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Pay as you grow/Capex – free services
  • Quality of service
  • Simple integration

Technological and commercial solutions

Many IoT businesses are starting to adopt a cloud-first approach for their IT infrastructure. By providing our technology as a cloud service, we are enabling our customers to efficiently deploy and scale their business models while significantly reducing total cost of ownership. Find out how EMnify can help bring your IoT ideas to life.


Benefit from purpose-built M2M infrastructure in the cloud, elastic, on-demand, and almost infinitely scalable solutions.


Improve your services with a comprehensive management platform for enterprise customer and resellers with granular right management and an excellent API platform.

Optimized Network Coverage

EMnify allows you to instantly deploy solutions globally with a single contract and the best available coverage through unrestricted network selection. EMnify has access in over 180 countries and connectivity across over 540 networks.


EMnify offers Communication Service Providers a turn-key solution that enables them to offer a first class platform for Internet of Things deployments and services of all sizes and types.

Preparing Telecom Liechtenstein for the IoT Revolution

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