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The IoT SuperNetwork Series

Empowering modern IoT businesses with essential knowledge, the IoT SuperNetwork series guides your path to making informed, successful decisions in coverage and connectivity.

The IoT SuperNetwork Series

Maximize your business potential with the IoT SuperNetwork series

1. Purpose-built cloud-native network

Discover how our cloud-native IoT network, uniquely designed for modern IoT businesses, offers superior performance over traditional consumer-based networks. Learn how this purpose-built architecture supports the distinctive needs of IoT applications.

2. Fully programmable eUICC eSIMs

Explore the flexibility of our fully programmable eUICC eSIMs, providing your IoT business with unparalleled control and adaptability. This feature allows for dynamic network selection and management, a game-changer for efficient and scalable IoT operations.

3. Direct partnerships with Radio Access Networks

Understand the strategic advantages of our direct partnerships with numerous Radio Access Networks. These collaborations ensure more stable, efficient, and cost-effective connectivity for your IoT devices, enhancing reliability and performance across global deployments.

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5G IoT: The pending revolution

Anticipate the impact of 5G on IoT with emnify’s ready-to-deploy solutions, gearing up for a new connectivity era.

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This is what operational excellence in IoT looks like

Explore the seamless integration and automation possibilities with emnify’s robust API, enhancing IoT efficiency.

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End to end security solutions

Dive into emnify’s commitment to IoT security, showcasing cutting-edge measures for safeguarding connected ecosystems.

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Series Roundup and Real-World Use Cases

Revisit emnify’s IoT insights and innovations through real-world applications, demonstrating tangible impacts in diverse industries.

‘Why settle for the status quo when the future of IoT is unfolding before us? Our IoT SuperNetwork series isn't just about connectivity; it's a call to action for businesses to embrace innovation, rethink norms, and seize the opportunities in today's IoT landscape.’ - Frank Stoecker, CEO and Co-founder of emnify

The SuperNetwork will help you overcome your biggest IoT connectivity challenges


  1. Coverage: Get reliable, redundant IoT coverage where you need it today and where you'll grow tomorrow.

  2. Programmable eUICC eSIMs: Embrace unparalleled flexibility with eSIMs that offer dynamic control and rapid adaptability across global networks.

  3. Connectivity management: Reduce IoT operations cost and complexity with single-provider IoT connectivity management.

  4. Network insights: Get real-time device and connectivity insights across all networks increases device uptime, security, and data integrity.

  5. Integrations: Integrate connectivity with current cloud IoT applications and backend infrastructure.

  6. End-to-end security: Increase the level of protection on your data and your devices, lowering costs, increasing IoT device uptime, and complying with the organizations' network security policies.

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