Data SIM IoT+  


The EMnify Data SIM IoT+ card provides customers with a cellular multi-network coverage that meets the rising demands of IoT use cases that require medium-volume data consumption. Benefit from a progressive solution that differentiates itself from the competition with the following:

  • Multi-Coverage, Multi-Countries. Connect to various international mobile network operators, including the European Union countries, plus Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. Within the European Union, the SIM provides connection to a growing network of coverage with new operators being added frequently.
  • Comprehensive and Manageable API that Integrates with Current Business Workflows. SIM cards are managed on EMnify’s purposefully-built and integrable API framework that consolidates networks and operators into one platform and is compatible with current business workflows.
  • Hosting Fee for Inclusive Data Volumes. Start with scalable data volumes of 100MB to 5GB at affordable customer rates.
  • Pricing is Low-Cost and Simple. Modular pricing starts at 100 SIMs per 1GB.
  • Full Control, One Platform. With EMnify’s connectivity management platform, the end-user benefits from full control over endpoint connectivity and data usage.



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An insight look at EMnify Data SIM IoT+ card technology

Versatile, Reliable and Industry Compliant

Multi-Network SIM Card

EMnify enables you to host multiple network identities on a single SIM and to switch between them conveniently.
  • Coverage provided in the European Union’s 28 countries, including Lichtenstein, Norway and Iceland
  • Best cellular signal coverage with the least cost for network usage

Industrial-Grade SIM Card

EMnify’s industrial-grade SIM cards improve the reliability of your IoT deployments, are thoroughly tested and already pre-integrated before shipment.
  • The SIM card is suitable for harsh environments and withstand variations in temperature and humidity
  • An extended warranty protects the customer from unforeseeable circumstances
  • Connectivity management platform enables continuous and easily readable SIM health monitoring
  • The SIM card is thoroughly tested and pre-integrated before arriving to the customer

Embedded SIMs / MFF2 Card

EMnify provides an embedded SIM card, which is at the forefront of progressive technologies in the telecommunication industry.
  • The SIM card meets the eUICC compliant standard
  • A Root-IMSI provides the SIM card with global coverage
  • Lifecycle management of the SIM card is monitored through the connectivity management platform
  • Secure Data Provisioning

Data SIM IoT+ card as Industry Solution

The SIM card is a multi-industry solution for medium volume use cases needing extensive coverage and connectivity management. The most common use cases include:
  • 4G data connection of on-site and off-site handheld radios at industry worksites
  • Smart metering during car races, collecting information on speed, position, and more in real-time
  • Real-time monitoring and syncing of security devices with instant notification of breach
  • Connecting manufacturing IoT components across larger distances and faster connectivity