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    Aug, 5 2020

    [Video] The Benefits of Cloud-Native IoT Connectivity

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    Deploying IoT solutions globally can be challenging for businesses of all sizesSuccessful solutions are those that can scale seamlessly. Using multiple cellular operators for multiple markets and managing the SIMs on different platforms is far from scalable and quickly becomes cumbersomeHowever, selecting a single connectivity provider for all your SIMs often means SIM data travels across countries, continents and international jurisdictions (and back again) before arriving where it needs to be. This introduces security as well as latency concerns. 

    So, what is the alternative? 

    Deploying IoT devices worldwide with EMnify is straightforward, efficient and secure. Our network is distributed in all major cloud regions, meaning you can control the data flow and destinationAs a result, device data, whether yours or your customer’s, stays local and secure while latency is reduced.  

    Watch our latest explainer video below and see in detail how you benefit from a cloud-native infrastructure with EMnify.



    Watch the first video in our explainer series about IoT connectivity security with a cloud-native solution.

    Read our article about how IoT Cloud Connectivity works.

    What can your connectivity provider doto ensure your IoT device security?

    Check out our Guide for Cellular IoT Security for 25+ best practices to ensure a secure IoT solution for your business.

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