Traffic Management

Cellular IoT for Smart Traffic Management

Seamlessly measure and manage traffic flow with the best cellular service. Efficiently deploy and operate your smart traffic solution with automated SIM management and maximum network control.

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Connected on every mile of the road

With an increase in urban population and cars on the road, congestions happen more frequently, placing a burden on city commuters, transport logistics, and the environment. 

Cellular IoT enables intelligent traffic solutions like smart traffic lights, smart public transportation, and highway monitoring to ensure driver safety and environmental sustainability.

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Smart traffic lights

Regulating traffic flow to reduce pollution and congestion during rush hours.

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Connected public transport

Providing accurate vehicle location and information to urban commuters.

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Smart highway monitoring

Analyzing road usage and delivering real-time warning systems.

Trusted IoT communication for efficient and sustainable smart traffic solutions

We know that network availability is crucial to your business success. With a service uptime of well above 95%, EMnify's IoT SIM takes care of your device connectivity every step of the way and ensures regulatory compliance with road tender projects.

Our platform provides proactive network control, remote device access and fast, easy integration into your cloud application to let you reliably operate your smart traffic solution at scale. 

We were searching for a solution with an affordable and flexible pricing model, remote access to our devices and a platform deployed in the cloud, like us. We found all we were looking for in EMnify.

Read how IBOMADE reliably manages highway traffic across Germany

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Tobias Molitor

Head of Technology, IBOMADE
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Trust a security-first provider

Safeguard your data and devices against IoT attacks.

  • Establish a private network using Cloud Connect to secure device-to-cloud communication

  • Prevent SIM misuse in unintended devices with IMEI lock

  • Set a data limit to circumvent abnormal consumption behavior and excessive data costs


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