Technology Stack

What makes us special?

Our ‘Elastic Core Network’

Our unique Elastic Core Network (ECN) Technology connects your devices and applications with elastic and user-defined connectivity. Its radio network-agnostic features enable maximum control over connected devices.

Virtualized Mobile Core as IaaS/SaaS
Elastic scalability
Network Based Firewall (NFW)
Globally-distributed architecture
Resilient by design
Stringent SLA and QoS
Comprehensive diagnostics and monitoring tools
Programmable via open APIs

Key Concepts

With our virtual network you will enjoy access to all the benefits of a virtual mobile network operator as well as all the network functionalities you would expect from a standard operator.

User-defined Networking (UDN)

Our IoT cloud allows you to create virtual mobile networks for your devices. You will enjoy full visibility over the network layout, tariffs and service and security policies.  Therefore, mobile connectivity is no longer bound to predefined user profiles or dedicated home networks.

Create your own virtual mobile network
Define service and security policies
Provision tariff profiles and data packages

Programmable via open APIs

Our ‘API first’ approach provides you with full visibility of all system functions through open programming interfaces. This enables process automation and easy integration with external IT systems. It also enables you to manage all endpoints and SIMs in real-time, as well as set up service and security policies to exchanging statistical and billing data.

Access all functions through a Restful API
Easy integration with JSON data representation
Secure API access for users and applications

Software-defined Networking (SDN)

The EMnify connectivity stack follows the SDN approach, this means you can create your own virtual networks with software defined rules around separate control and data planes, flow caches and application controllers all while maintaining complete routing and policy consistency.

Clear design with separate control/data planes, flow caches and application controllers
Flexible in terms of possible network flows and service creation
Dynamic endpoint and network reconfiguration

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

The architecture of the EMnify platform follows the concept of NFV and virtualizes the entire core network functions of a mobile network. It is designed for public/private cloud environments and can run on OpenStack, VMware and even Amazon Web Services. This technology enables auto-scaling of system and network resources based on real-time subscriber activity. The whole infrastructure is auto-deployed and automatic provisioned including network access, routers, VPN gateways, firewalls, applications and services.

Designed for public or private cloud environments, runnable on OpenStack, VMware and even AWS
Auto-scaling of system and network resources based on real-time subscriber activity
Auto-deployment and provisioning of VMs, applications and services

EMnify’s IoT Cloud comes with a full range of mobile core network functions

With our ECN you get all the benefits and scalability that come with a virtual network as well as the standard features you would receive from a standard M2M connectivity provider:

EMnify User Interface (EUI)
Application Programming Interface (RestAPI)
Service Provisioning and Configuration
Operations and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS)
CAMEL Call Handling (SCF)
Home Location Register (HLR) and Authentication Center (AuC)
Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN)
Online Charging (OCS) and Policy Control (PCRF)
Short Message Service Center (SMSC)
USSD Gateway