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Connectivity that's always available


By being based on a cloud-native technology stack, our service has built-in redundancy across the board
– allowing us to provide a 99.99% service availability guarantee

Network redundancy

With support for multiple carriers, our SIM cards connect to the carrier with the best coverage. If an operator is unavailable, our SIM card will fall over to the next best one.

Infrastructure redundancy

Being deployed in multiple availability zones on AWS in an active-active network layout – our service can remain uninterrupted even if a datacenter becomes unavailable.

Software redundancy

Multiple microservices are responsible for each network function – in case one service fails, another can take over the processing without interruption.

IMSI operator redundancy

While other service providers and MVNO rely on one Home Network, which is a potential single point of failure – EMnify relies on 5 separate IMSI Sponsors. In case one Home Network becomes unavailable, the SIM cards can fall back to a different IMSI.

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Simple & secure access
to your devices – from anywhere


With our Mobile Core Network being deployed in the Cloud, we offer cloud-native connectivity options to encrypt the connection between
devices and your infrastructure. You can then securely login remotely for troubleshooting, maintenance and device configuration.

One time VPN config for all devices

All devices with EMnify SIM cards get a static IP address. Accessing all devices for remote maintenance and troubleshooting only requires a single VPN configuration to our infrastructure.

Secure encryption of device data

Protect your devices from eavesdropping, DNS spoofing and rogue software by encrypting the data from devices all the way to your application.

Cloud-native connectivity options

Customers with applications in AWS can use Transit Gateway resource sharing to connect. Dedicated connections with guaranteed bandwidth and consistent network performance can be configured using Direct Connect.

Free OpenVPN or IPSec options

Choose to use OpenVPN for free or IPSec, if you want to steer all traffic to your premises. We also support integrations with Azure, Google, or any other cloud provider.

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Send data faster and more efficiently


Our Core Network is hosted with AWS which allows us to deploy infrastructure where our customers need it.
With that, data can be sent faster with lower latency to the receiver, without even crossing the public internet.

No home routing

Traditional network operators have their infrastructure deployed in one country and route all data – even cross-continentally – back to the Home Network. Our cloud-based infrastructure bypasses this need.

Local breakout

EMnify breaks out traffic locally, instead of routing it cross-continentally. This can reduce latency by up to 600ms while also reducing energy consumption, since devices don’t have to stay on continuously.

Network core in US, Europe, Asia

With our Global Core Network deployed in 3 major regions, we serve our customers with consistent data plane performance, no matter where their devices are located.

Dynamic or static configuration

The EMnify Core Network can automatically decide which region data is broken out in, based on SIM location. Customers can also choose to route their traffic through a specific region.

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Streamline your operations with our
APIs and connectivity management


EMnify practices an API-first approach – where we provide all connectivity management capabilities with industry standard Rest-based API,
complemented by comprehensive documentation for you to quickly get your IoT devices up and connected.

Rest-based API to manage SIMs,
their cost and networks 

Our connectivity management lets you integrate and automate all your IoT business workflows so you can get the most out of your IoT application. 

Real-time events stream

We allow you to pull and view real-time information on the location of your devices, any connection errors, and the data and costs they consume – all via industry-standard Rest API and AWS Kinesis into S3 (CSV).

Run APIs without touching code

We offer more than just great documentation on API calls – using the Swagger framework, you can directly try out each and every API call without any programming environment.

Automatic code generation

Using Swagger Codegen, developers can automatically generate code for over 32 languages from our API documentation to get a jump start.