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Machine-to-Machine SIM Explained

  Machine-to-Machine SIM Explained   What is a Machine-to-Machine SIM? Machine-to-Machine SIM (or M2M SIM) – refers to the technologies that enable devices and sensors or “things” (within the IoT) to communicate with each other – and with other Internet-enabled devices and systems.   Even though M2M refers to ‘non-human’ communication, devices still should have an interchangeable protocol which is

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Announcing enhanced 24/7 customer support

Announcing enhanced 24/7 customer support    EMnify has a continuously growing global network with customers in over 60 countries and SIMs deployed on every continent. Over the last months, we’ve been working hard to serve the needs of our international partners by building a multilingual, global support team who provides the highest quality customer service. We are happy to announce

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