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Smart grid and smart metering

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The industry

Smart Meters are electronic devices that record the consumption of electric energy, gas, and water in intervals of approximately one hour or less. This information is then communicated back to the utility for monitoring and billing. Smart meters, as parts of an ‘Advanced Measuring Infrastructure’ (AMI) enable two-way communication between the meter and the central system are vital to measure hourly or daily consumption.

“Primagaz uses EMnify's SIM card to transfer data from the metering items on the field to our servers so that we are able to bill customers based on consumption. EMnify's platform allows us to get all SIM cards together and manage them easily from one place. EMnify's multi-operator service allows Primagaz to increase its network performance by always connecting our devices to the best operator.”
François Vanoverschelde
François Vanoverschelde Technical Operations Manager, Primagaz


The applications for M2M/IoT technology in the smart metering segment are:

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  • Smart metering
  • Smart grids
  • Remote diagnostics and services


Manufacturers and suppliers are facing the following difficulties and requirements when developing energy and utilities IoT applications:

  • Huge deployments
  • Policy enforcement
  • Low ARPU
  • Reliable coverage

Technological and commercial solutions

Application developers, car manufacturers and suppliers can overcome the challenges they face by running their IoT/M2M application on an IoT connectivity platform.


Elastic Core Network

EMnify’s Elastic Core Network scales on-demand, using pooling and modular pricing to enable you to drastically reduce your data transmission cost from day one. At the same time, it is also able to connect and manage a huge number of devices spread out over a far region.


Network-independent Connectivity

In remote and wide-spread M2M installations, continuous and reliable connectivity is vital but hard to achieve. SIM cards that are associated with a single provider are always in danger of losing connectivity due to constantly changing infrastructure and fluctuating bandwidth. EMnify’s network-agnostic M2M SIMs allow you to connect to more than 540 radio networks across more than 180 countries, ensuring you have the best, most reliable and connectivity anywhere in the world, with pricing plans you define.


Secure M2M SIM

Internet of Things devices in remote areas are under the constant threat of vandalism, theft and tampering. EMnify SIM cards come with a “Secure Element” on board that protects against tampering, they are also tied to a predefined unit and can only be used in their intended network and functionality.

Cloud Native

Cloud Native

EMnify’s IoT platform that offers integrators and developers of smart energy and utility applications the benefit of lowering the Total-Cost-of-Ownership of their solutions. Our system also enables efficient and reliable M2M connectivity for low ARPU devices. Comprehensive security functionality virtually eliminates the risk of tampering or modifying the unit.

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