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EMnify Launches Virtualized Mobile Core Network for M2M connectivity | EMnify

Enabling device management across hundreds of radio networks globally.

EMnify, the Berlin-based global cellular M2M and IoT connectivitycompany, is launching for general availability its Virtualized Mobile Core Network, EMcore. Available immediately in Europe, North America and Asia, the system runs core network functions for 2/3G and LTE networks and is purpose built for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications.

EMnify’s solution is delivered as a cloud service (IaaS) and offers a complete technology stack including:

  • M2M SIM cards
  • Core network functions (HLR/HSS, GGSN/PGW, OCS, PCRF)
  • Large account management
  • Management portals and APIs
  • Fast implementation time and low integration efforts
  • Pay-as-you-grow model/minimum CAPEX
  • Supports mini/micro ARPUs

EMnify Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, Martin Giess is proud to announce the availability of this solution and says it directly addresses key struggles the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and Communication Service Provider (CSP) communities have been dealing with for years.

“I’m very excited to announce the general availability of our elastic core network services, delivered in a cloud model to the Mobile Network Operator and Communication Service Provider communities,”Giess says.

“The market has been struggling for years now to integrate legacy core network components into a true cloud based setup so, with this in mind, we built our solution from the ground up for the cloud. Its capabilities have been designed to dynamically scale and draw on cloud resources, set up to more efficiently support the exploding number of devices joining the Internet of Things in the coming years.”

The platform features a fully-fledged core infrastructure, including HLR/HSS and GGSN/PGW nodes, online charging systems and service provisioning as well as business support functions. Management portals and a programming interface (API) also allow for easy integration into existing business processes and IT systems. It’s this flexibility to program and integrate the connectivity management system into existing business process that puts EMnify in a competitive position.

“MNOs or CSPs that hold on to their traditional network architecture and operating models will be left behind by their enterprise customers. We recognize that enterprises are now demanding maximum flexibility and control over their connectivity options for their mission critical systems and that’s what our system provides,” Giess says.

EMnify CEO and co-founder, Frank Stöcker says the EMcore solution also provides an important step to support Mobile Network Operators and Communication Service Providers in the successful monetization of the Internet of Things.


Stöcker says:

“EMcore enables MNOs and CSPs to jump start a M2M business and to off-load existing M2M subscriptions from their legacy infrastructure.”


“With its extreme scalability and efficient management of subscriptions, EMcore also supports the mini and micro ARPUs of the M2M market while creating the opportunity to offer new business models in this segment.”

“We’re incredibly proud of the solution we have built and with it now generally available, we look forward to enabling more businesses and CSPs to make the most out of their IoT ventures.”