Always-on IoT communication for smart EV chargers

Ensure no critical transaction data goes missing with the best cellular coverage. Monitor, secure and operate charge point connectivity at reduced complexity and time-to-value.

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Accelerate electrification with connected EV chargers

With the growth of charge point communication protocols like OCPP, the EV charging infrastructure has quickly evolved from traditional, non-connected hardware to intelligent devices with communication capabilities. Today’s smart charge points provide real-time, actionable insights that empower automatic billing, remote configuration, efficient servicing, dynamic load management, and digital services for EV drivers.

“Many of our installations take place in parking garages where we often experience connectivity issues. The ability to auto-select the best available network of EMnify IoT SIMs is, therefore, decisive to stable operations of our Aqueduct modules.”
Lukas Bobinger
Lukas Bobinger Business Development Manager, ChargeX

For Charge Point Manufacturers

Upgrading charging products with cellular IoT opens new upsell opportunities and innovative business models like Charge Point as a Service.

For Charge Point Operators

Reliable IoT communication is the key to monetizing, managing, and running distributed charging infrastructure and delivering digital services to EV drivers.

For Smart Charging Software Providers

Bundling global network access with your application reduces complexities and brings added value to your customers.


Cellular connectivity has been the most common wireless option for smart EV chargers. But traditional telco services come with multiple operational challenges:

  • Missing indoor and underground coverage that results in lengthy installation processes
  • Limited insights and control over the connectivity of charge points
  • Complex setup of private networks for secure communication and remote access to chargers
  • Rigid, expensive tariff plans that start at high volumes
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Why EMnify


By using multiple networks and providing LTE-M access, EMnify gives your EV chargers the best cellular coverage - indoors, underground, on urban streets or at motorway service areas.

Our communication platform easily integrates with your management backend to help you secure, monitor and operate your fleet of connected chargers.

"The EMnify platform and Cloud Connect service help us guarantee charging security at all times and removes the requirement to deploy and manage an in-house IT security infrastructure. This saves us significant operational costs. Using their OpenVPN, we can create remote sessions for configuring the charge points and managing the commissioning flexibly from our office."

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Federico Rivelli

Project Manager, Enerhub

“EMnify is a great partner because we can connect chargers no matter where they are in the world. The platform is much easier to integrate with using Cloud Connect via AWS Transit Gateway. We’ve tried other options before (like redundant IPsec tunnels with BGP) but these present a whole raft of other challenges and complexity. EMnify provides us with a seamless solution that ensures security for our customers.”

Chris Darby-26

Chris Darby

Chief Technology Officer, ev.energy

“I recommend EMnify to any company that needs to manage a large number of SIM connections at a competitive cost and with a requirement to never lose connection. Always present and well-prepared customer support is fundamental to Ressolar, and we have experienced that firsthand with EMnify.”

Lorenzo Monti - square

Lorenzo Monti

Project Manager, Ressolar

Ensure charging units stay connected


Optimal cellular coverage

Get access to 540 networks in 180 countries. Connect your chargers to the best available network via 2G, 3G, 4G or LTE-M.


Full network visibility

Monitor charge point connectivity, data usage, and cost 24/7 using the EMnify Portal or Data Streamer.

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Granular connectivity control

Proactively reset or block a network when chargers experience issues at a certain location.

Streamline operations of connected chargers


Remote access to chargers

With EMnify’s free OpenVPN service, technicians can run remote diagnostics from everywhere using a single VPN connection to all charging units.

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Programmable SIM control

Automate SIM contract activation and deactivation during charge point installation and decommissioning processes using REST API.


Flexible data and cost management

Start, terminate, and adjust your tariff plans at any time. You only pay for what you use.

Secure SIM and data communication


End-to-end data security

Prevent unauthorized communication and access to the chargers with EMnify‘s Cloud Connect.

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SIM theft protection

Ensure charge point SIM cards cannot be misused on another device with the IMEI lock function.


DNS filtering

Flexibly configure the trusted DNS server for your chargers without the need to hard code the device firmware.

Ready to future-proof your smart charging solution?