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Enterprise IoT, powered by EMnify

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Rob Cumming
CEO, Urban.io
Industry: Smart Infrastructure  HQ: Australia
Deployment Location: Worldwide

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We provide a range of low-cost, industrial-grade IoT devices, that feed real-time data from 8 different sensors, located in building systems, spaces and other remote field assets. Thanks to EMnify, Urban.io can connect to cellular network providers from all around the world and maintain the best possible signal. EMnify met all our requirements thanks to their flexibility. The platform provides us with control over connectivity and a high level of data security (via EMnify Cloud Connect / Transit Gateway).


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François Vanoverschelde
Technical Operations Manager, Primagaz
Industry: Smart Metering  HQ: France
Deployment Location: France

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Primagaz uses EMnify's SIM card to transfer data from the metering items on the field to our servers so that we are able to bill customers based on consumption. EMnify's platform allows us to get all SIM cards together and manage them easily from one place. EMnify's multi-operator service allows Primagaz to increase its network performance by always connecting our devices to the best operator.


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Henry Kutz
Managing Director, Hoots Classic
Industry: Automotive  HQ: Germany
Deployment Location: Europe

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Our company has developed a diagnostics system that monitors motor parameters in vehicles. We evaluate and visualize data via a UMTS module, as well as provide vehicle tracking. EMnify is the interface between those systems and our server. We like the portal for managing and analyzing SIMs because it's very clear, simple to use, and enables toggling of SIMs and connections with a few clicks.


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Daniel Schroeer
CEO, Futura
Industry: Pest Control  HQ: Germany
Deployment Location: Worldwide

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EMnify provides Futura Germany with connectivity for our pest control devices with various connected standards. The flexibility in bandwidth, competitive rates and easy real-time management makes EMnify's platform an awesome tool which makes SIM management around the world like a walk in the park.
I would highly recommend EMnify to my friends and business partners and I am a happy, happy client.


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Stefan Thilemann
CTO, Intelligent Marking
Industry: Robotics  HQ: Denmark
Deployment Location: Worldwide


We used to spend a lot of resources in the logistics of ensuring the right SIMs went into our intelligent marking robots before being shipped to customers. EMnify made setting up and managing SIM cards a breeze, letting us control every aspect of provisioning SIMs to equipment directly from a single dashboard. EMnify provides a truly global solution with great pricing value we have been unable to find elsewhere.


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Necdet Alpmen
Co-founder/CTO, Pubinno Inc.
Industry: Hospitality  HQ: USA
Deployment Location: North America, Europe

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Our products are used globally, in places where Wifi connectivity is not always available or not stable. Now, all of them have connectivity thanks to EMnify's global coverage. EMnify's portal and APIs allow us to easily manage devices and their connectivity, view their status and track our connectivity costs using one web platform. It works great. EMnify is the best experience we've had integrating connectivity management into our services.


"Thanks to EMnify, Urban.io can connect to cellular network providers from all around the world and maintain the best possible signal."

– Rob Cumming, CEO at Urban.io


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Romain Scimia
Co-founder, AtmoTrack
Industry: Environmental Monitoring  HQ: France
Deployment Location: Global

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AtmoTrack runs a real-time monitoring network for air quality across various territories. EMnify allows us to operate our sensors easily and quickly anywhere in the world, thanks to their SIMs that support global multi-operator network connectivity. This lets our sensors hop onto the best given network. EMnify also provides responsiveness, support and API that make their platform easily integrated into our internal tools.


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Stefan Maass
Project Manager, Lohrer
Industry: Alarm Systems  HQ: Germany
Deployment Location: Germany

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We use SIM cards for the transmission of alarm and alert notifications from burglar alarms. EMnify makes it easy for our organization to use the platform and oversee data transmitted. We particularly liked the transparent billing and the straightforward pricing as EMnify delivers a lot of value in allowing flexibility in controlling costs.


Kersbaum Volker_Digitalparking-80
Volker Kersbaum
Product Management, Digitalparking
Industry: Smart Metering  HQ: Switzerland
Deployment Location: Europe

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M2M communication in parking management helps improve and simplify decisions, automate work, and increase speed and efficiency using real-time monitoring and data. Integration of the EMnify platform into our own parking portal was straightforward thanks to the easy-to-use API and transparency of data. I can recommend EMnify to anyone interested in building upon the great backend solution they provide.


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Michel Fripiat
Technical Director, Solarly
Industry: Renewable Energy  HQ: Belgium
Deployment Location: Africa, Europe

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We develop solar solutions for rural communities, so they have GSM modules for status updates and remote control. EMnify won us over with their excellent customer relationship: human and fast. It also helped their API had clear, concise documentation so we could integrate EMnify's data and intelligence into our own internal platform, which enhances our users' experience.


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Marc Dikötter
CTO, EcoWaste
Industry: Green Waste Disposal  HQ: Germany
Deployment Location: Europe

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Our 2G / 4G / CAT-M modems communicate twice daily with our data server. We needed a perfectly neutral SIM card to ensure reliable communications regardless of device location. EMnify SIM cards were the perfect answer to our needs, and they could be managed easily from EMnify's platform, with a one-stop overview of network activity and costs. We recommend EMnify for its operator-neutrality that connects devices to the best available network.


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Wolfgang Schindele
Managing Director, Sporttraxx
Industry: Geolocation  HQ: Germany
Deployment Location: Europe

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Sporttraxx provides GPS tracking and timing for motorsports events. GSM services are one of the techs we use and EMnify is our single supplier of multi-roaming data SIM cards that work in a huge number of countries. We appreciate the excellent flexibility in managing SIMs via an intuitive UI and fair pricing policy, allowing us to optimize costs that fluctuate seasonally.


"I recommend EMnify as it's a comprehensive and professional solution, with very reactive technical support and proactive sales team."

– Stephane Brackez, CTO at Innovmobile


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