Connected buildings and intelligent construction


Security is mandatory for organizations and the buildings they operate within. M2M makes security applications and devices intelligent enables businesses to reduce cost by simplifying remote installations and freeing them of fixed lines.


The applications for M2M/ IoT technology in the building and construction industries include:

  • Building and warehouse security
  • Smoke detectors
  • Remote surveillance


Manufacturers and suppliers are facing the following difficulties and requirements when developing Internet of Things applications for building security and construction:

  • Service quality
  • Secure and tamper-proof SIM cards
  • Data security and privacy
  • Data pooling
  • Comprehensive management of large deployments

Technological and commercial solutions

Application developers and device manufacturers overcome these challenges easily by running their IoT and M2M applications on a connectivity platform.

Network-independent Connectivity

Security applications and devices require reliable, constant connectivity as well as a high throughput for video/audio transmission mode.

Policy Enforcement

By providing network policy enforcement, the security application providers are able to ensure that devices are only reachable from a pre-defined network range. This prevents spoofing attacks and malicious network takeovers.

Comprehensive Management

Large deployments of M2M devices, such as security cameras, microphones, and movement sensors, require a sophisticated application to compare and interpret the huge amount of data that is constantly collected.


EMnify enables integrators and manufacturers to make buildings smarter and safer by connecting them securely and efficiently to the Internet of Things. EMnify solutions enable businesses to develop and deploy a new level of security systems that are secure from physical attacks, tamper-proof, and independent of fixed lines.

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