Webinar recap: Cellular IoT explained - everything you need to know about 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M and NB-IoT

On the 22nd of April we held the second webinar in the series hosted by our Head of Product, Christian Henke about the different wireless technologies and their benefits for IoT. From legacy 2G/3G migration to 4G LTE, LTE-M, NB-IoT and 5G-ready functionality – there are a lot of technology types

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Webinar recap: What are the Top 10 essential features your cellular connectivity provider should have to enable your IoT business?

With over 20 billion devices globally connected, the Internet of Things is growing rapidly. That said, choosing the right connectivity provider for your business can be a daunting and challenging task. Regardless of the industry - whether you are in manufacturing, healthcare, or fleet management

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