What is SIM State Management and why does it matter?

Cellular IoT & M2M use cases often involve a high number of devices that need to be connected to a mobile network. For this to happen, devices must first be fitted with a SIM and network connectivity must be provisioned. When a project includes hundreds, thousands or even millions of devices that

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Secure your SIMs by enabling IMEI lock

When configuring an Endpoint (via the EMnify user interface (EUI) or the RESTful API), EMnify customers have the possibility to activate the IMEI lock. The IMEI is a unique serial number that the manufacturer assigns to cellular devices to identify devices connected to a GSM network. To learn

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What is an IMEI number?

What is an IMEI number? A serial number that the manufacturer assigns to cellular devices. Just as people have their own ID number and every car has a vehicle number, every cellular device with a SIM card can be precisely identified by a so-called IMEI number – International Mobile Equipment

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What is an ICCID number?

An ICCID number  what is it and how do I find it? 

Each active SIM card has its own SIM card number, which can be used to assign and identify the card individually. Often these numbers are printed directly on the card or are at least recorded on the card carrier or on the enclosed letter. The

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The Difference between a Regular Smartphone SIM and an IoT SIM for Enterprises

Despite looking identical on the outside, the features and functionality offered by regular SIM cards for smartphones differ vastly compared to IoT SIM cards.

In this blog post we will discuss what is the difference between a regular smartphone SIM and one made for IoT/enterprise use cases and

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Machine-to-Machine SIM Explained

What is a Machine-to-Machine SIM?

Machine-to-Machine SIM (or M2M SIM) refers to technologies that enable devices and sensors or “things” (within the IoT) to communicate with one other, along with other Internet-enabled devices and systems.  

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