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    Nov, 24 2020

    [VIDEO] Enhance IoT Operations with Real-Time Connectivity Data

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    When it comes to large-scale IoT deployments that entail thousands of distributed devices, round-the-clock monitoring of critical operational metrics is the key to success. Cellular connectivity has been deemed as one of the most robust and dependable communication options. Nevertheless, with devices being connected to various networks at multiple locations while employing different firmware and modules, unwanted network issues are bound to happen.

    The challenge is, while device and application data are often readily available to IoT solution providers, there remains a major gap in connectivity insights. Before your devices send data to the application, communication is first established on the network level with the operator’s cellular infrastructure. Through signaling traffic, a device is authenticated to join the network within the defined policies regarding radio technologies, data volumes, carrier access, etc. Without this information, your support team is left clueless when issues like roaming restrictions, exceeded data limit or attachment failures emerge. The lack of a holistic monitoring approach further leaves your IoT solution vulnerable to security breaches.

    At EMnify, we bridge this visibility gap and empower solution providers with better control over their IoT deployment. Real-time connectivity data is not only accessible via the web portal but also easily integrable into your application and operational workflows, accelerating problem diagnosis and troubleshooting. Watch this video and see how our solution can help your business.


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