EMnify and integrate to make the “Internet of Things” even smarter

EMnify and integrate to make the “Internet of Things” even smarter, the rules engine for smart connected device solutions and EMnify, the innovative and agile wireless network provider successfully integrated their platforms to make the “Internet Of Things” even smarter.

With the integration of the EMnify API into the waylay platform it is possible to collect detailed information about mobile devices, their connectivity status and location and take that information into account when building intelligent systems: may it be to perform actions on certain events, send notifications or trigger maintenance tasks.

Veselin Pizurica (CTO @ Waylay) said: “The EMnify integration extends Waylay’s visibility into the mobile connectivity, and enriches the set of automation and notification use cases that can be built. The EMnify offering is complementary to Waylay and building this E2E solution has been easy given EMnify’s API-centric product design.”

“The integration between EMnify and was very easy and straight forward because of the excellent architecture of the waylay Platform and the flexible structure of the EMnify API. Our API allows waylay users deep insight into the mobile network connectivity of their M2M/IoT devices, device-independent location discovery and opens the possibility for intelligent actions varying from simple barring of network access to sophisticated reconfiguration of service profiles and SIM cards.”, commented Martin Giess (CTO @ EMnify).

Users with an existing waylay Account can import the EMnify Connectivity Sensor into their setup from GitHub:



Waylay is the rules engine for smart connected device solutions. Its PaaS platform connects devices, applications and online services to enable better real-time decisions and actions. Waylay notifies, automates, predicts and diagnoses, all from one platform.


About EMnify

EMnify, the innovative and agile wireless network provider specialising exclusively on the rapidly expanding global machine-to-machine (M2M) communications market, enables the Internet of Things (IoT) Eco System with Cellular Connectivity and Management Tools to connect and control devices – simple, efficient and secure.

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